[Soletta-dev] V1 release

Dilly, Bruno bruno.dilly at intel.com
Wed Jul 20 15:01:47 PDT 2016

Hi folks,

I'm glad to announce Soletta (TM) Project V1 release.
Also I would like to thank you all that contributed to the project.
Great job!


It's the first C API stable release. A few modules were marked as experimental,
since we believe changes on them may be required to accommodate more features
in the future:
 * Bluetooth
 * LWM2M
 * Mavlink
 * Netctl

Major features for this first stable release:
 * Communication protocols:
   * HTTP
   * OIC
   * MQTT
   * LWMWM
   * CoAP
 * Input / Output supported
   * GPIO
   * AIO
   * I2C
   * SPI
   * UART
   * PWM
   * IIO
 * Services
   * System update
 * Flow based programming layer
 * Supported OSes (some features are exclusive for specific OSes, check
   https://github.com/solettaproject/soletta/wiki/Supported-OSes-and-Boards for details):
   * Linux
   * Zephyr
   * RIOT
   * Contiki
 * Supported boards:
   * Intel Edison (Linux)
   * Intel Galileo Gen 2 (Linux)
   * Minnowboard Max (Linux)
   * Quark SE Dev Board (Zephyr)
   * Atmel SAMR21 Xplained Pro (RIOT)
   * Raspberry Pi (Linux)

The V1 release presents a stable C API for most of the features, with
a few expections listed below. They're under an experimental phase
and changes on them may happen on future releases:
 * Bluetooth
 * LWM2M
 * Mavlink
 * Netctl

Changes in this release - 2954 commits
Issues resolved in this release - 269 closed tickets


# Release  v1  -  07/20/16

Soletta (TM) Project is a framework for making IoT devices.

With Soletta Project's libraries developers can easily write software
for devices that control actuators/sensors and communicate using
standard technologies. It enables adding smartness even on the
smallest edge devices.

Portable and scalable, it abstracts details of hardware and OS,
enabling developers to reuse their code and knowledge on
different targets.

Major features for this first stable release:
 * Communication protocols:
   * HTTP
   * OIC
   * MQTT
   * LWMWM
   * CoAP
 * Input / Output supported
   * GPIO
   * AIO
   * I2C
   * SPI
   * UART
   * PWM
   * IIO
 * Services
   * System update
 * Flow based programming layer
 * Supported OSes (some features are exclusive for specific OSes, check
   https://github.com/solettaproject/soletta/wiki/Supported-OSes-and-Boards for details):
   * Linux
   * Zephyr
   * RIOT
   * Contiki
 * Supported boards:
   * Intel Edison (Linux)
   * Intel Galileo Gen 2 (Linux)
   * Minnowboard Max (Linux)
   * Quark SE Dev Board (Zephyr)
   * Atmel SAMR21 Xplained Pro (RIOT)
   * Raspberry Pi (Linux)

The V1 release presents a stable C API for most of the features, with
a few expections listed below. They're under an experimental phase
and changes on them may happen on future releases:
 * Bluetooth
 * LWM2M
 * Mavlink
 * Netctl

Changes in this release - 2954 commits
Issues resolved in this release - 269 closed tickets

## Issues resolved in this release (269):

A full listing of issues may be found at https://github.com/solettaproject/soletta/issues. Details about specific issues may be found at https://github.com/solettaproject/soletta/issues/ISSUE_NUMBER.

#2258 build: doxygen rule is fragile
#2248 doc: strange line in documentation
#2247 Warning about invalid sub_api version in calamari/7seg node type
#2233 iio ADD_CHANNEL logic cause scale 0
#2207 IIO: add sample for iio/proximity-sensor
#2145 minnowboard-max: soletta failing to map buttons (gpio/reader) from calamari
#2136 bitbake failed using the latest source on Ubuntu 64 bit
#2130 Broken link in OIC JS API spec
#2125 OIC: Response to request cannot be transmitted asynchronously
#2118 Soletta/RIOT-OS: Unable To Build Any Of The 'soletta-small-oses-samples'
#2115 IIO node type: options to override offset and scale
#2114 IIO node type: default values for device configuration
#2110 OIC: Response to server request cannot be constructed asynchronously
#2095 IIO sensor lost decimal point data in soletta output
#2088 IIO sysfs absolute path does not support "/sys/bus/iio/devices/iio:deviceX/"
#2072 Intermittently failed to run fbp at the 1st trial on IIO sensors with "create" command in json file
#2058 Left shift formula exceeded boundary if iio channel->bits is 32 for iio buffer data reading
#2054 OIC: Cancelling the pending call from the find resource callback causes a double free
#2045 Instantiation of same IIO sensor node multiple times using create function shows error message in dmesg
#2044 IIO node by default assume the IIO driver has buffer implemention and give warning message
#2043 Soletta library path is default to /usr/lib even for 64-bit build
#1994 Soletta build fails if FLOW_SUPPORT=n
#1982 proposal: use typedef for public opaque structs
#1979 Add support to disable modules that are not used/needed
#1971 Add support for proximity sensors into soletta iio node
#1968 Avoid depending on Duktape master branch
#1963 Failed to run upstream tests for Soletta Platform Services API on Ostro image#437
#1962 Need to update the example content in spec for GPIO
#1949 Failed to run example in the spec for GPIO on Ostro image#435
#1902 [P3] Making soletta compile with -Wformat and -Wformat-security
#1897 Python exception in data/scripts/sol-oic-gen.py
#1886 flow: allow per-node-type aliases
#1833 MinnowBoard MAX Instructions: Add direct download link
#1832 Galileo and Galileo Gen2 Instructions: Add direct download link
#1831 Edison Instructions: Add direct download link
#1830 Meta-Soletta: Create page text
#1826 bindings/nodejs doesn't install
#1821 OIC Make resource API async
#1820 API Changes: Review Comms API looking for convergence
#1819 API Changes: Review I/O API looking for convergence
#1810 Installing Minnowboard max pre built image: Improve page text
#1809 Installing Intel® Galileo Gen2 pre built image: Improve page text
#1799 Avoid adding CFLAGS that break debugging when building in debug mode
#1790 Improve port names generated from JSON spec
#1789 Remove core.light and use oic.r.light.brigthness in soletta oic samples
#1785 Quickstart: Add section to direct downloads of pre-build images
#1784 soletta-small-oses-samples: Improve readme
#1783 Doxygen standards: Add syntax highlight for examples
#1780 readme.md: Review contributing section
#1779 readme.md: Add direct download links to releases
#1771 Quickstart: Review terminal examples
#1763 Logic constructs on Soletta flows: Improve page text
#1761 API Changes: questions / review / study
#1760 Logic constructs on Soletta flows: Add graphical depiction of flow samples
#1759 API Changes: EFIVARS
#1758 API Changes: File system storage
#1756 API Changes: MemMap
#1755 API Changes: UART
#1754 API Changes: SPI
#1753 API Changes: PWM
#1751 Logic constructs on Soletta flows: Add syntax highlight for C snippets
#1750 API Changes: Opaque structs
#1746 Porting: Integrate "FBP applications" section into "Flow"
#1745 Porting: Improve "tl;dr" section
#1742 API Changes: IIO
#1741 API Changes: AIO / I2C
#1731 PinMux: Improve page text
#1727 Packages: Improve introduction text
#1726 Packages: Review Soletta casing throughout the text
#1725 Packages: Rename ArchLinux package soletta-git to soletta-nightly
#1723 HTTP on Soletta flows: Fix links to Cheat Sheet
#1721 API Changes: OIC
#1720 API Changes: COAP
#1719 API Changes: Mavlink
#1718 API Changes: MQTT
#1717 API Changes: HTTP
#1716 API Changes: Sol-network
#1714 API Changes: Sol-Log
#1713 API Changes: Flow-Metatypes
#1705 Strings on Soletta flows: Add overview of the string nodes on the top
#1704 Strings on Soletta flows: Sum the node list up
#1700 Samples:Calamari Lure: Rename calamari-7seg-segments sample
#1698 Samples:Calamari Lure: Improve page text
#1697 Samples:Calamari Lure: Reorder samples by their complexity
#1691 Samples:Basics: Reorder samples by their complexity
#1688 API Changes: LWM2M
#1687 Soletta Machine Learning: Add code samples to document
#1686 Soletta Machine Learning: Review fuzzy terms listing
#1684 Soletta Machine Learning Quickstart: Add link to "Running SML in Galileo or Edison"
#1683 Running SML in Galileo or Edison: Add introduction text
#1679 Samples: Solve redlinks
#1678 API Changes: boolean => bool
#1677 API Changes: Flow
#1676 API Changes: Power Supply
#1675 API Changes: Sol-platform
#1674 API Changes: Sol-Macros
#1673 API Changes: Sol-util
#1672 API Changes: Sol-worker-threads
#1671 API Changes: Sol-pin-mux
#1670 Add glib-integration.h to doxygen
#1669 API Changes: Sol-types
#1668 API Changes: Sol_Mainloop
#1667 API Changes: Sol-json
#1664 Merge sol_str_table and sol_str_ptr_table docs
#1663 API Changes: Sol-str-slice
#1662 API Changes: Sol_vector and Sol_ptr_vector
#1661 Add tests for sol_list
#1660 API Changes: Sol-Buffer
#1659 API Changes: Sol-Arena
#1658 API Changes: Sol-Cerfiticate
#1656 Soletta Machine Learning: Light Sensor Tutorial: Specify what is *it*
#1655 Soletta Machine Learning: Light Sensor Tutorial: Improve page text
#1648 Soletta Machine Learning: Light Sensor Tutorial: Solve redlink issue
#1647 Getting Started on SML: Rename it to "Soletta Machine Learning: Light Sensor Tutorial"
#1646 Getting Started on SML: Move SML setup steps to its own page
#1643 How to report an issue: Briefly explain the types of issue and info needed
#1640 How to report an issue: Improve information about paste tools
#1639 Edison Instructions: Specify which Python packages are needed
#1637 Galileo and Galileo Gen2 Instructions: Improve page text
#1635 Galileo and Galileo Gen2 Instructions: Better explain what PYTHONHOME modification is for
#1634 Galileo and Galileo Gen2 Instructions: Merge SDK tricks into main article
#1633 Galileo and Galileo Gen2 Instructions: Write all terminal snippets the same way
#1632 Edison Instructions: Improve page text
#1631 Malformed json is accepted by sol-fbp-generator
#1630 Segmentation fault on sol-fbp-runner
#1629 Edison Instructions: Write all terminal snippets the same way
#1628 [P3] iio node fails to initialize in time before called
#1626 uncrustify: Explain why we use it
#1625 uncrustify: Explain how to install it on other Linux distros
#1624 uncrustify: Update text to reflect new version requirements
#1623 Presentations: Improve page usage
#1622 MinnowBoard MAX Instructions: Improve page text
#1621 MinnowBoard MAX Instructions: Improve page links
#1620 Wiki Home: Add more highlight to stable downloads
#1618 Board Detection: Improve text explanations
#1610 Doxygen standards: Add list of most frequently used commands
#1602 [P3] OIC Server: Observation not working
#1601 Analog AIO interface not working
#1598 Circular build warning during building from source
#1586 sol-http-server.h support keep connection open after response was sent.
#1585 sol-fbp-runner: web inspector
#1584 flow/http-client: support server-side-events (SSE)
#1583 Samples:Grove Kit is lacking information
#1582 flow/http-server: support server-side-events (SSE)
#1567 -O present in CFLAGS should have precedence over _FORTIFY_SOURCE
#1555 http-server: HTTPS (SSL/TLS)
#1553 http-server: option allowed_methods=POST|GET|BOTH
#1552 http-server and client: missing types
#1536 build: "root' leftovers after 'sudo make install' in the build folder
#1525 gtk: add missing type editors
#1521 flow: missing alignment/padding for forwarded options [P2]
#1519 Semaphore: Remove /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google-chrome.list
#1516 tools/run-fbp-tests script raise exception because logging instantiation is incorrect
#1487 Platform: Removing/adding monitor from monitor callback results in infinite loop
#1469 use of python3
#1460 Platform: Locale category value may be enclosed in quotes [P2]
#1450 Update README
#1413 OIC C API: server not able to define path/href
#1407 OIC: Client fails to discover resource created with soletta server
#1403 I/O APIs: add UART write with tx buffer as byte array
#1396 sol-network & sol-socket: move strings to sol-buffer
#1389 GET request against iotivity's ocserverbasicops fails
#1386 Magnet IIO node reading hang
#1380 OIC Server: Interoperability issues with iotivity
#1376 make samples failed with ./src/samples/flow/oic/light-scan/light-client-scan.fbp
#1375 lateset source code compile failed  from pulling soletta master branch
#1371 [P3] Humidity sensor reading result into segmentation fault.
#1350 Attempting to attach a system clock monitor fails on Linux
#1331 Platform pin multiplexer is failing to load when sol_init() is called from a module
#1329 Use of undeclared identifier 'ENOTUNIQ'
#1328 Double slash in some Make rules break compilation
#1327 check_cflags iterates over each letter, not each option of the .json file
#1320 OIC Client: Unable to read platform and server information produced by iotivity
#1319 OIC Client: sol_oic_client_resource_set_observable(_non_confirmable)? callback documentation mismatch
#1318 OIC Client: Platform and server info APIs: The callback must be called even on error
#1273 locale: Attached monitor receives locale information only once
#1270 Export useful bit of `src/shared` and `sol-util.h`
#1269 review all functions taking `void *data` to use the `const` specifier.
#1263 PID node type
#1262 Encoder nodes
#1261 H-Bridge node
#1234 sol-platform.h uses constant not defined in public headers: NSEC_PER_MSEC
#1160 Cover 100% of Samples Documentation
#1158 HTTP-server fbp tests still failing with timeout
#1155 `make help` unavailable
#1153 Document CI and QA
#1152 Add "making pull requests" on contributing
#1149 Cover 100% C public API on documentation
#1134 Custom nodes will fail to run if it depends on a Soletta node modules.
#1125 Public headers need to be buildable using g++
#1114 platform: implement locale get/set/monitor and node-type
#1113 platform: implement date&time set/get/monitor
#1112 platform: implement hostname set/get/monitor and node-types
#1110 implement LWM2M
#1091 Sol-fbp-generator should support the javascript meta type
#1084 flow/http-{client,server} support for composed packet types
#1080 oic/cbor encoding to/from the wire, remove sol_vector
#1062 sol-fbp-generator could use duktape's bytecode dump/load
#1011 Fix `unsigned int` usage in sol_timeout_add(), sol_fd_add(), sol_fd_set_flags(), sol_fd_unset_flags() and sol_fd_get_flags()
#1006 [P2] calamari-7seg-segments.fbp and calamari-buttons-rgb-led.fbp failed to run on minnowboard
#968 Document conffile search paths and order
#965 [P2] javascript.fbp test failed on Galileo Gen2
#964 [P2] string-pcre-regexp-replace.fbp failed to run on Galileo Gen2
#963 [P2] persistence-fs-1 failed to run on Galileo Gen2
#962 [P2] string-pcre-regexp-search.fbp failed to run on Galileo gen2 board
#890 flow: file writer is sending packets from worker thread
#830 Buttons high-level node types: implement the *string selector* node
#829 Buttons high-level node types: implement the *string-formatted form* node
#828 Buttons high-level node types: implement the *string form* node
#827 Buttons high-level node types: implement the *integer-large form* node
#826 Buttons high-level node types: implement the *integer form* node
#825 Buttons high-level node types: implement the *boolean form* node
#824 Creating JSON: Implement nodes to create JSON objects and arrays
#823 Reading JSON: Implement nodes based on JSONPath to handle JSON Objects and JSON Arrays
#822 Reading JSON: Implement json/object-length, json/object-all-keys, json/array-get-at-index and json/array-length nodes
#821 Reading JSON: implement json/object-get-key node
#802 Crypto & Sign
#750 Implementing HTTP generic nodes.
#748 HTTP Client generic node types
#747 LCD (String) + Buttons high-level node types
#746 JSON Packets & Node Types
#742 linux-micro automount module
#725 automatically load conffiles
#724 review node type options to use basic types
#722 [P2] old glibc produces the error msg: /src/shared/sol-util.c:49:1: error: unknown type name 'locale_t' at compilation time
#677 linux-micro debug support (gdbserver)
#676 linux-micro kmod module
#665 sol-fbp-generator crashes
#663 [P2] string related tests contained in soletta/src/test-fbp/ failed to run in Galileo board G2.
#653 [P2] failed running soletta/src/test-fbp/bitwise-int.fbp in Minnowboard
#607 [P3] random: integer errors reported by -fsanitize=undefined
#576 we should separate CFLAGS, HOSTCFLAGS and TARGETCFLAGS
#562 fbp-generator issues
#561 Reduce the amount of generated code outside build/stage
#552 [P2] fbp tests contained in /src/samples/flow/unix-socket failed to run in Edison board
#551 [P2] Examples in src/flow/unix-socket failed to run in Edison board
#550 test
#549 [P3] Tests in src/test-fbp failed to run in minnowboard
#548 [P2] Tests in /src/test-fbp and src/samples/flow/unix-socket failed in Galileo Gen2
#546 some tests contained in src/test-fbp failed to run in Minnowboard
#543 tests contained in /src/test-fbp and src/samples/flow/unix-socket failed in Galileo Gen2 Plattform
#536 Convert sol-util functions to use sol-buffer
#535 Convert string buffer manipulation to use sol_buffer
#528 [P2] sdk couldn't resolve type 'LCDChar' of node 'lcd' for the examples in galileo-grove-kit/lcd
#525 [P2] PWM on the galileo gen 2 is not working
#514 ArchLinux Package
#513 Ubuntu Package
#487 build: there should be a way to config a debug build
#473 Disabling Worker thread breaks the build
#463 warning in make output
#424 sol-fbp-generator fails to generate a .c file
#415 [P2] make failure /udev/udev.c:154:17: error: void value not ignored as it ought to be
#408 soletta building from source fails
#401 The workaround to set the GPIO pins for Linux Kernel version is >=  3.18 doesn't work.
#377 sol-fbp-runner has misleading error message and doesn't accept unexpected node metadata
#335 sol-flow-static shouldn't always duplicate options.
#287 `sol-flow-builtopts.h` included from two different places break pragma once
#189 irange-buffer.fbp test failing when running with valgrind
#147 sol-pin-mux-impl.h is not C++-friendly
#124 review dependency resolver...
#119 kbuild: kdbus in kconfig is misleading
#118 kbuild: missing auto-include of sol_config.h
#117 kbuild: warnings are gone
#97 sol-missing.h defines EBADR to silly value
#89 Can't include both linux/i2c.h and linux/i2c-dev.h if i2c-dev is provided by i2c-tools
#80 Failure to build with kernel headers 3.16 or older
#79 Out-of-source build is broken
#19 Completion of error handling
#18 Complete build options for Pthread API

## Open issues (98):

A full listing of issues may be found at https://github.com/solettaproject/soletta/issues. Details about specific issues may be found at https://github.com/solettaproject/soletta/issues/ISSUE_NUMBER.

#2256 Proposal: IIO: Add read back to ensure the value written is being taken effect
#2254 http: doc: clarify when/who cleans up a sol_http_client_connection
#2253 doc: suggestion: clarify how much structs should live
#2249 http: have sol_http_param_add_xxx functions to help build params
#2245 MQTT: mosquitto_connect_async() not working when using mqtt sample c
#2244 Proposal: Add support for IIO Ambient Light which use in_intensity_both & in_intensity_ir as its channel data
#2237 Package: Update Fedora package
#2236 Proposal: IIO: support configfs interface to create hrtimer trigger
#2235 Proposal: IIO: Activate device feature before read raw data
#2205 Proposal: Add support for iio mount matrix
#2154 Proposal: add wildcard characters support to IIO absolute path json input
#2141 OIC spec: OicDeviceChangeEvent field "type" needs to be renamed to "changeType"
#2117 New IIO C-API to read configuration attributes
#2101 Proposal: Add support of IIO sampling frequency to channel level besides device level
#2047 Dependency resolver should check for features based on the target OS
#2035 OIC: Support the optional discovery method - advertisement (/oic/ad)
#2034 OIC: Adapt sol_oic_client_get_server_info_by_addr() and sol_oic_client_get_platform_info_by_addr() to support device and platform discovery
#2031 SPI, I2C and UART should have API to enable DMA usage
#2010 Add node types for UART communication
#2009 Crypto: encrypt and decrypt
#1998 IIO node type: add support for multiple channels
#1993 python-soletta - node infrastructure
#1992 python-soletta - asyncio implementation
#1985 Add support for IIO event
#1984 Drop solettaproject/duktape-release
#1983 Missing header file name in various places of C API documentation
#1956 The build system should skip flow modules that won't be built when generating headers/assets for each on the repo
#1941 Build error with latest Quark SOC v1.2 tool chain
#1887 flow: conffile to define ids for meta-types
#1834 MinnowBoard MAX Instructions: Create explanation on how to compile Soletta for it
#1792 OIC: handle update, batch and error JSON files
#1791 OIC: don't use hard coded interfaces
#1786 OIC: create samples for new data models
#1778 Developing Soletta: Add a link to Soletta Architecture page
#1777 Create new wiki page: Soletta Architecture
#1776 Create new wiki page: Developing Soletta
#1770 Quickstart: Add section to talk about ways to program with Soletta
#1765 Create new wiki page: Soletta on flow based programming
#1757 doxygen / doxy-coverage should warn us about laking documentation on inline functions on headers
#1749  Wiki Home: Add a new section to talk about the C API
#1748 Wiki Home: Add a new section to talk about FBP
#1747 Porting: Improve "Network" section
#1744 Porting: Improve introduction text
#1724 HTTP on Soletta flows: Improve introduction
#1722 Testing with Soletta flows: Improve page text
#1703 Samples:Intermediate: Improve page text
#1702 Samples:Intermediate: Add more samples
#1696 Samples:Basics: Add more samples
#1694 Samples:Basics: Improve page text
#1690 Samples: Add brief text about each category
#1689 Samples: Add C API samples
#1685 Soletta Machine Learning Samples: Add flow samples
#1615 Build requirements: Explain what each section is about
#1614 Wiki Home: Add new section to explain libsoletta and tools
#1613 Wiki Home: Explain what the person will find in each section
#1604 new subsystem package manager
#1603 update: add "needs reboot" method
#1581 Provide secure storage and private keys
#1572 test fbps on Zephyr
#1566 Mainloop: Make signal handling contingent upon an API call
#1565 fbp: easier constants
#1564 fbp: allow to omit ports if only one exists
#1563 lwm2m: meta-type from OMA
#1562 oic: complex processing of requests
#1561 oic: meta-type from JSON
#1560 http-client: port to specify cookies
#1559 http-client: port to do authentication
#1558 http-client: more samples
#1557 http-server: complex processing of requests
#1556 http-server: authentication
#1554 http-server: ENABLED port
#1535 OIC: Provide a way to observe multiple servers on flow
#1442 Auto load the iio-trig-sysfs module
#1271 Allows samples to be installed and compiled from outside
#1260 Linux EVDEV nodes
#1247 Add support for NuttX
#1198 Build bots should also compile Soletta in 32-bits
#1151 Improve doxygen presentation
#1150 Document how to create custom C node types
#1148 Add API to change OIC server device information
#1147 iotivity 1.0 compatibility
#1146 Support access control (ACL) after pairing in OIC nodes
#1145 Implement Random PIN pairing in OIC client and server nodes
#1144 Implement Just Works pairing in OIC client and server nodes
#1143 update: Linux Micro EFI module use thread/worker for file operations
#1142 persistence: Persist composed packet types
#1012 add sol_arena_readonly (or sol_arena_stringshare or sol_stringshare)
#914 Flow/HTTP: Add support for Tago
#749 Native MQTT and MQTT-SN
#738 Port to FreeRTOS
#737 Port to ARM MBed
#736 Bluetooth realistic example
#732 OIC realistic example
#731 OAuth node with realistic sample
#727 http server C examples
#726 http client C examples
#515 OpenSuse package
#512 Fedora Package

## Changes in this release (2954 commits):

A full listing of commits may be found at https://github.com/solettaproject/soletta/commits/master. Details about specific commits may be found at https://github.com/solettaproject/soletta/commit/COMMIT_HASH.

516cf94 build: increment version for V1 release
467b925 docs: mark experimental API
7daedfe docs: include sol-netctl on comms group
0ac9d46 comms/socket: drop unused variable on contiki impl
cf6a0f2 build: use FEATURE_MQTT and make sure it only build for Linux
8cb1e5e docs: update links on oic js-spec documentation
c4c4112 build: improve make doxygen rule
342b911 all: add typedefs to public API structs
45868f0 flow: remove unused forward declaration
7dac942 scripts/check-api: change regex to support doxygen hack
0b1c37b docs: fix missing ;
e0dc5f5 docs: Avoid issues with doxygen dealing with __attribute__
3a01138 modules/calamari: only check API version of used options
a4227c8 build: fix HOSTCC issue
4a076fc LWM2M: Fix use-after-free.
55156dc IIO: Adding some debug messages.
4197b27 LWM2M: Remove some casts to void
8989d7c Network: Properly set the hostname handle to NULL.
f6dd7fc LWM2M: Remove the object instance from the instances list if the creation fails.
82c9378 LWM2M: Only try to unregister the coap resource if it's valid.
232c908 LWM2M: Use sol_ptr_vector to store the lwm2m client's connection context.
1b3a9c0 I2C: Match the kernel's I2C address path.
b354433 iio: fix the logic error caused by code refactor
3cb8f47 common/platform: add missing functions on Zephyr implementation
36fd78a comms: declare a few functions on Zephyr impl
38e2261 iio: Replace the marco with an inline function
2dab17d flow/iio:  wrap ADD_CHANNEL() multi-line C macro with do/while(0)
3cb106d I2C: Use lowercase chars for I2C device numbers.
af16bcf Build: Avoid race condition when generation OIC node types.
5e9109d build: simplify versioning
4860edd sol-buffer: on steal, set size to 0 if NO_FREE is set
54817cf sol-util: get_libname shouldn't warn if not found
365c75c build: fix static build (symbols on shared/ were missing)
a927281 sol-platform: fix usage of ifdefed member
5ae0369 pwm: fix zephyr implementation
dd5bc81 LWM2M: Fix a NULL pointer deference.
9eab9d6 LWM2M: Fix observer entries not being deleted when a client timeout.
223ef5d LWM2M: Fix some warnings pointed by gcc.
4180025 EVDEV: Avoid infinite loop.
9ad0c0d Stub-gen: Use the correct function to get a boolean value from packet type.
56add98 scripts: add script to generate list of node types
68152b4 LWM2M: Support for Bootstrap in the Client Sample Application
84458a8 LWM2M: Bootstrap Server Sample Application
7e38a9e Introduces the implementation of the Bootstrap Write and Bootstrap Delete operations from the Bootstrap Interface.
0cb7a42 LWM2M: Introducing Bootstrap Interface (Request and Finish)
574429d LWM2M: minor typos in documentation and code comments
ef9a8de iio: Node type code refactor for macros
2dd375c Samples: Add sample for adxl45.
ea5719f Accelerometer: Fix invalid decrement.
de8d029 shared/sol-fbp-graph: fix possible use of unitialized var
1b88e80 build: make sol-oic-gen quiet
6bd8328 build: properly expose sol_util_memdup
7e30654 Scripts: Add check-api script.
5d3313a Build: Add version script.
6f9efb3 Platform: Install sol-platform-linux-micro.
9473c03 Platform: Installing sol-platform-linux.
f98b286 LWM2M: Fix API name.
cd5a93a Shared: Build it as static.
e186f27 Runner: Remove unused variable.
771549f Utils: Moving utils to lib/common.
20b4d11 File Reader: Add missing C++ guards.
e127504 modules/network: update docs making it clear it only accept regexp
b27c94c modules/network: emit link state when address is changed
9bc44a5 modules/thingspeak: only del valid timers
f16de0a modules/thingspeak: properly initialize mdata->node
e09a00d LWM2M: Add sol_lwm2m_payload type.
92dc1d7 samples: avoid TM unicode
4822c12 modules/thingspeak: fix connections management
007dd25 samples: add iio/proximity-sensor sample
66a0330 modules: disable a few node types missing samples or tests
70d2182 samples: add udev sample
b18608d s/unicode TM/ (TM)
e762854 let python happy again
463e17a samples: add a couple samples for wallclock
e032e03 modules/switcher: warning message should be direction agnostic
5532463 modules/random: random values may be negative
f97f1df samples: add sample for thingspeak/channel-update
7e46771 Add sol-netctl API for converting a string service state to enumeration sol_netctl_service_state and otherwise.
d7ed438 build: do not use SOL_ATTR_NON_NULL for exposed API
d7bf24e build: add stage/include dir only when OIC is enabled
0500f8c samples: and one for efivars storage on MinnowBoard Max
1321952 samples: add sample for network/boolean node type
a7bddc9 network: fix usage of subscribe regarding return values
8d11901 modules/filter-repeated: fix error node type
a230744 samples: add one for evdev
acf7290 tests: add test for filter of errors
b1dbf9d samples: add a couple for ThingsSpeak talkback
00dc221 samples: create folder for webservices
73aa685 iio: Node type code refactor
621d757 test: Print node id when failing due timeout
60ac3f5 flow/persistence: Do not issue WRN when fallbacking to default value
414e7a9 generator: Looking for description files on install dir and env var
a289909 HTTP Client: Removing invalid notes.
cedfb97 oic: Use an extra socket for unicast coap communications
7359542 oic: Remove unsused code from oic-security
7bb0b2d Probably the last update on authors list before V1
66ddf77 doc: add links for c-api root and online docs
1af7533 build: use syntax that works fine on bash or dash
c841563 cheat-sheet: warn when there is no sample for the selected nodetype
5730740 cheat-sheet: fix broken links that was not pointing to the nodelist
8a3379f check-license: Fix check-license script
e056c6b CoAP: Merge sol_coap_secure_server_new() and sol_coap_server_new() APIs
7676025 sol-fs-storage: drop params that shouldn't be documented
601505c API Changes Fs Storage Documentation
8497926 Docs: Adding missing @struct to opaque structs.
0671e23 docs: update date and add link to docs on doxygen footer
c8678c1 gen-release-note: add short explanation about issues listing
2117c18 flow: Change methods to use sol-buffer
3e0157c test:javascript: Fix error message
c144abb metatype: Change methods to use sol-buffer
fe4647c netctl: Move the test to sample
70d28fe sol-netctl: add the init and shutdown process of sol-netctl
601f5db Test: add the test cases for sol-netctl API
6b8320b sol-netctl: Add sol-netctl build files
f8ca6df sol-netctl: Get services list is implemented for connman
7c383bb sol-netctl: Implement network devices connect/disconnect for connman
ac0857b sol-netctl: Monitor callback functions are implemented for connman
dba4a08 sol-netctl: Add/del monitor functions are implemented for connman
26149c5 sol-netctl: Implement internal get services properties for connman
9894314 sol-netctl: Get connection manager state is implemented for connman
c6dd75b sol-netctl: Set offline is implemented for connman
c764dec sol-netctl: sol-netctl init and shutdown are implemented for connman
83c401f sol-netctl: Get the service properties is implemented for connman
cf972f0 comms: Add so-netctl API
ca14a79 build: avoid files generated by doxygen starting with _2
1197cac API Changes: HTTP Documentation
374fa72 Update authors page
614b412 doxygen: Add Soletta trademark in the header
5721f06 platform: Remove unreachable code
c61dcca http: Returning better error code
fc2ac5d pwm: Change the return of some functions
c83c555 pwm: Fix api name
6661507 http:doc: Add snippet
7e216c3 Replace BOOLEAN with BOOL in API
9fac293 util:file: Remove unused variable
0283067 storage: Bumping the documentation
8158586 vector: Fix the return value of some functions
a03fa2a vector: Use steal instead of using take
8b4f6d5 vector: Change a parameter name
959ecb6 mqtt: Fix parameter name
a4520bf JS API: added update API
933a9a2 JS API: added Platform API
fb0f304 JS IOC spec: use only default constructors, move all init properties to configure
724ccae JS IOC spec: use subclassing and remove the low level APIs
d6247af JS spec: rename init dictionaries for consistency with IOC API
7eacda6 JS spec: add IO Convenience API
5a03687 JS OIC spec: Fix retrieve() method. Clarify OicClient API.
b250356 JS OIC spec: fixed examples
93c5cd6 Node.js bindings: always require the low-level bindings
66798e4 Node.js bindings: Adapt I2C JS bindings to the latest API changes
124d3c7 Node.js bindings: Don't call hijack_unref() twice
7c2d8dc Node.js bindings: Adapt SPI JS bindings to the latest API changes
739e863 oic: Use sol certificate to load psk used in oic security
99564bb cert: Add function create a new certificate and write its contents
3779c97 cert: Fix certificate load duplication when using relative file names
9910724 platform: Add a function to get current app name
e3bbb9b util-file: Add basename function that doesn't change param content
1400135 coap: sol_coap_packet_add_uri_path_option fails for "/" path
3a0cd0b Add Soletta trademark for every first usage in each file
cd9fe06 sol-platform: allow spaces before '#' on conf comments
5ae70aa sol-platform: Ignore comments in locale.conf
61f3cd2 lib/i2c: rename sol_i2c_bus_get() to sol_i2c_get_bus()
1280307 lib/power-supply: small API function renaming
7a388c9 docs: unify documentation from sol str tables
9839bfb modules/converter: drop rgb <-> direction converter
a070c4d tests: add tests for random node types
ee3c75c tests: drop random amount of extra lines at end of test files
a4dd46e tests: add tests for all data types handled by console
7db777f modules: add constant and converters for location
bdf08f9 API Changes: Sol-json #1667
bd7f26e flow: add send/new/get routines with components for location packet
7e44802 modules/byte: change unsigned char to uint8_t
dc91425 flow: rename port_{in,out}_* to *_port_{in,out}
f5b9e90 flow: rename sol_flow_builder_export_*_port to sol_flow_builder_export_port_*
cd53793 flow: rename sol_flow_simplectype_* to sol_flow_simple_c_type_*
09cfe9a flow: rename sol_flow_packet_get_packet_type_as_string to sol_flow_get_packet_type_name
681d1d2 oic: Don't stop processing when an unsupported cbor type appears
0924c6b oic: Use correct doxygen syntax for inline comments in enum
50b6dc2 build: Avoid warning about BOARD_NAME redefined
2b6fb05 build: drop check-bindings-nodejs from CHECK_DEPS for now
11337fa API Changes: Sol-str-slice #2143
d4cbbe5 cert: Add missing function
1f03967 cert:linux: Using uint16_t for reference count
e4bf9a7 i2c & aio: Set errno to a positive error value
6b4be90 build: make coverage shouldn't consider thirdparty code
692d128 sol-http: fix reference to create_simple_uri
5824479 modules/pwm: drop default value for period
a2968c6 crypto: Adjust the RIOT implementation to API changes
085da2d API Changes: IIO
8705595 memmap: Fix docs
624c6e9 memmap: Change a function return
fed2749 memmap: Fix macro name
202c3e6 check if sol_i2c_set_slave_address returns -ERRNO
a206716 persist: fix bad node value ptr handling after refactoring.
0147d3d coap: add response code 4.15 Unsupported Content Format
23459f2 memmap:linux: Fix resource leak
3db5154 memmap: fix unneeded blob unref call.
4a23c98 lsm9ds0: fix signedness on log message format argument
15e7ef2 boolean/toggle node: have a SET input port
1af5c1d buffer: on size 0 appends, ensure nul byte, when applicable
98574b2 persistence: add zephyr implementation
302747e memmap-storage: split into (possible) implementations
feff182 zephyr: Select thread support
32e7df9 gitignore: Add generated file
01ed006 iio: read the channel value as double format
e52d870 iio: set the shift data as 64 bit
2e946d3 iio: Add device buffer support checking
a7d605a API Changes: Sol-arena
3824f0f API Changes: Sol-platform
454a579 OIC Server: Copy client address into request
53a63ec build: avoid files moved to build_dir on installing phase
9410df6 API Changes: Mavlink
250872f build: Change OS selection order to prioritize small OSes
235c456 http: Use correct type for err variable
3513075 API Changes: HTTP
7190f2a Simple typo fix.
8563c76 v1 fixes: attain to _to_str() (not _to_string()) on stringifying
99bb8b9 network & socket: bump docs
81a7476 mqtt: bump docs
20d025f mavlink: bump docs
793a8ed lwm2m: bump docs
e55a3af http: bump docs
2df2677 coap: fix some struct names
234c1eb bluetooth: some doc fixes
32093b3 v1 fixes: attain to _eq() (not _equa()) on comp functions
d3f878b oic: Sanity check on the whole API
62b42bc modules/update: fix on_feed_done() callback usage
a969d78 modules/update: change update_http_handle recv() callback
577a12d lib/i2c: fix sol_i2c_busy() usage
fa88af1 IO: Bump docs.
b25468f I2C: Do not export sol_i2c_close_raw().
d2deab5 Whole API: Remove const from parameters passed by value.
026c6f6 I2C: Remove sol_i2c_busy().
bb2c8c6 AIO node: Remove some unnecessary NULL checks.
c9c05b9 AIO: Remove the sol_aio_busy() API
324cc55 SPI: sol_spi_transfer() should return an int.
6d57da4 coap: Never free coap pkt directly to avoid double free
bf5b76a LWM2M: Use struct sol_blob for string and opaque resource types.
9cb5c68 Sol-macros: API Changes
52f2cf9 Node.js bindings: Add an example for GPIO open by label
5a76e73 Node.js bindings: Add bindings for gpio_open_by_label and gpio_open_raw
cf0486c Node.js bindings: Fix error in spi JS bindings
38f070e Build: Prevent node.js build from re-running during install
d8ba70b Stream sample: Use sol-reentrant
c86fc58 UART: Use sol-reentrant
3981b78 Reentrant: Add a link to it in the docs' main page.
c4c69d2 Node.js bindings: Organize node.js system constants like errno
3f033ce flow: Add support to lsm9ds0 sensor
3b8fa4b i2c: Add dispatcher to handle set of operations
90f4b1a iio: get absolute path from realpath() returned path
ec8a67d oic: Fix null pointer exception
170e100 build: Reorder setting of COMMON_CFLAGS
fa91551 pin-mux: Fix last minute squash screw-up
e7b9e67 test: Remove unused const variable
21dae2c OIC client and coap: Make contexts re-entrant to prevent double free
7e3fc1e Node.js bindings: Add basic example for UART JS bindings
5f57837 Node.js bindings: Enable UART JS bindings.
c459e2a Node.js bindings: Update UART JS bindings
a0ffadd pinmux: Add pinmux support for Contiki with QMSI
408b81b pinmux: Don't make it depend on Linux
0b47f12 build: Take the board name from the environment
a36b323 contiki: Implement SPI through QMSI
dc838ae contiki: Implement I2C through QMSI
bc9b737 contiki: Implement PWM through QMSI
32f05ee contiki: Implement GPIO support through QMSI
c6462f6 deps: Detect if QMSI is available
feea336 contiki: Remove fake GPIO support
b4da3e6 contiki: Fix socket implementation after API changes
f318fd4 shared: Fix "warning: unused variable 'len'"
96d90e5 network: Fix API
24c40a6 check-samples-dependencies: Use the argparse module
4296fb6 coap: Fix build
e7db879 Remove EWOULDBLOCK checks
822752a samples: fix uninitialized variable warning
cd47353 Node.js bindings: Suppress OIC-related tests
8006b7b oic: Fix invalid memory access in secure send notification
14788e4 coap+oic: Rename notification functions.
adf1cf0 coap: Send packet functions stated that pkt was relased, but it was not
1bca098 HTTP: Change the callback names of struct sol_http_request_interface
ab7e12e HTTP: Use the stream pattern for SSE.
f4b339c Crypto: It should follow the stream design pattern.
35a0b2d Bindings: Disable UART bindings for now.
9bda1d4 Docs: Add a page about design patterns.
b928467 mainloop: Check if sol_mainloop flags are already set before trying to add/remove.
378c6a2 UART: Sample refactoring.
1c50cb2 UART: Implement the streams design pattern.
be6fe14 UART: Missing check for snprintf().
b1b4395 UART: Improve the Docs a little bit.
7c6bfcc Avoid compiler warnings and use PRIu16 to print API versions.
3d378f1 Remove some unnecessary API checks.
26addb9 Sol-Memmap: Revert the version changes.
6d4a8b5 Mavlink: Only reference mavlink's handlers after the config->api_version is checked.
1d55a45 Fix invalid terminator at mqtt implementation.
bf08745 sol-conffile: warn if SOL_FLOW_MODULE_RESOLVER_CONFFILE is empty
fa379d2 atomic: Fix build with cpp compiler
1ab4d92 bluez:gatt: Fix the using of garbage values
018d069 flow:format: Stop complain about garbage value
4aca1bc builder: Avoid double free
a0b4b86 coap: Fix possible memory leak with observer
aedf2c3 tests: increase tests timeout
88ce128 docs: include C API examples
45449a3 docs: Update authors page
403289e log: Add missing macro
2a64d6c doxy: unbreak it harder
f08d164 doxygen: unbreak make doxygen
3784ecc bluetooth: Fix address to string function
4a11ff2 bluetooth: Fix convert string to address
03a850c bindings: disable OIC temporarily.
27f6ebc oic: Make it possible for OIC client functions to be cancelled
c508252 coap: Add missing doc on sol_coap_send_packet_with_reply()
bc5d86b misc: Fix typos
bcf909b pin-mux: Pass the full gpio config to pin-mux
c409753 OIC: Change errno value.
62d2bd0 file: Export file-reader header
f4ee45e cert: Use file-reader to read blobs from files
24c98c9 cert: Rename function to fit the Soletta API style
9a140d0 cert: Remove sol_cert_get_filename from API if fs is not present
0d2fe9e Export SOL_FEATURE_FILESYSTEM to be used in public headers
469a37f oic: Add option to make OIC server compatible with OIC 1.0 spec
f36c889 coap: Fix style in CoAP naming
312358f JS spec: Fix require
bcbb1cb oic: Fix warning related to incorrect cast
dc730e0 vector: fix suboptimal sol_ptr_vector_del_element implementation
e59ddda oic: Use int error code returns instead of bools
c0deae9 coap: Always use data as first parameter to callbacks
5a0b3b3 oic: Configure oic server device and platform info in build
fcec67e oic: Fix API with name convention used in other Soletta headers
8dac6ba oic: Use printf intead of SOL_DBG for sample output
8c61bd0 oic: Improve client resource request API
d0f080f oic: Improve send notification API to be similar to request API
63a1dd4 oic: Make server requests callbacks async
799260d oic: Remove unused enum declaration
33c7a5c oic: Rename sol-oic-common.h to sol-oic.h
08fc987 coap: Set errno in sol_coap_packet_new and sol_coap_packet_request_new.
9348f95 ipm: Use SOL_BLOB_TYPE_NO_FREE_DATA on sent blob wrapper
a972d7c Blob: Export struct sol_blob_type as value and not as pointer.
902188c Blob: Add a new sol_blob_type.
29f0d58 util: rename sol_util_timespec_sum to sol_util_timespec_add
3486edf util: rename sol_util_strto* to sol_util_strto*_n
3227b52 util: rename sol_util_secure_clear_memory to sol_util_clear_memory_secure
d153542 util: rename SOL_*SEC_PER_*SEC to SOL_UTIL_*SEC_PER_*SEC
1c4e593 util: rename sol_uint*_bytes_swap to sol_util_uint*_bytes_swap
93920fd util: rename SOL_UTIL_ARRAY_SIZE to sol_util_array_size
a905038 node-names: finish normalizing names and aliases
95cfbdf Fix incorrect string empty check in validators
630aa60 network:bluetooth: Handle addr over all platforms
81c83c6 network:util: Fix warnings due invalid types
2834380 network:bluetooth: Share address functions
296bc26 bluetooth: Change transport values
4d31755 metatype: Avoid use not initialized value
27205be http:server: Handle possible error properly
b6fde10 twitter: Handle a return error properly
ac88199 bus: Silent clang static analyzer
badec3c twitter: Fix de-reference null pointer
5a09cc1 oauth: Fix de-reference null pointer
9f01608 sol_mainloop_set_implementation() is called before sol_init(), no logs allowed.
e09e192 sol-mainloop: Fix empty sol_ipm_shutdown() definition
1c020a9 scripts/dependency-resolver: check for exec versions
7a28141 flow: Add IPM node types
233bc73 ipm: Add Inter-Processor Messaging (mailbox) to Soletta
b8c4897 sol-mainloop: Simplify #ifdefs to init and shutdown modules
0cb057a blob: New functions to create blob, but duplicating memory
464e930 flow/console: Reduce prefix buffer size
d158be1 bluetooth-test: Clear buffer at the end of test to avoid a mem leak
ea1ebc4 oic: Fix memory leak when string fields are not changed in server update
6c3d3f7 aio: Fix compilation without worker threads
49332dd ostro-tutorial: fix it
af45c38 Node.js bindings: Add sudo to invasive tests only if euid is not root
6f93cf1 flow:iio: Add Proximity sensor Category support into iio node
4c67ba6 build: add missing dependency to rule gen-aliases
249691d build: add missing ldflag
041df72 build: Use USE_ instead of _SUPPORT on configuration
d07979f test: fix build dependencies when flow is disabled
1727992 build: don't run alias script if flow is disabled
99717b1 json: allocate only over 0 bytes
803553b regexp: do not return potential garbage value
8c04fbf lwm2m: do not double free in error path
ced0ae5 nodes: last round of aliases to thermometer-related nodes.
30ee5aa nodes: last round of temperature->thermometer
f598ac5 bluetooth: Fix printf format warnings
d2bece2 build: Respect the CC variable from the environment
6c6e49e flow:pwm: Fix possible overflow
ac85c8a http:server: Fix possible memory leak
dd7d89d i2c/zephyr: make it work again, now that QMSI is the recommended path.
5dbba48 nodes: Change temperature sensor to thermometer
1aa943f iio-nodes: add aliases
48958df iio-nodes: standardise node names
2a10cd7 blob: Fix api_version check
f2edfc6 samples:http: HTTPS sample
58a7bd0 comms:http:server: Support secure server
8d414a6 certficate: Add api to get the certificate contents
2ce18b5 sol-gatt: Add samples for sol-gatt
64e310a sol-gatt: Add the BlueZ implementation
31841c8 comms: Introduce the sol-gatt API
5b5cb92 test: Add Bluetooth specific tests
5ef9d5e test: Add simple tests for address conversions
dbde926 samples: Add a Bluetooth sample
8f9cec1 sol-bluetooth: Implement the sol-bluetooth for Linux
7da4d8c sol-bluetooth: Add common Bluetooth functions
a700239 sol-network: Add Bluetooth address conversion
8aef0ed sol-network: Add support for Bluetooth addresses
1ba36c8 comms: Introduce the sol-bluetooth API
1cc49cf check-style: support to run from any directory
6445591 modules/hc-sr04: expose a single 'raw' option for both pins
2f438cd scripts/alias-gen: Set file encoding
ced9f76 flow: Update 7-seg node to use board labels
49c2ab5 dtls: Fix dtls socket wrapper callbacks and parameters
196f05b oic: Update oic-data-models with new master updates
b2e127a oic: Remove special characters from items name when parsing data models
4cf77f2 oic: Add object type fields to unsupported list
58f6f41 oic: Expand JSON recursively when looking for allOf and $refs
6f40ab2 samples: add sample for ultrasonic sensor
4bd402b modules/hc-sr04: add ultrasonic sensor
20d2bc1 sol-util: add functions to deal with microseconds
7a02d94 modules/timer: add 'enabled' option
b37bf91 regexp: fix leftover from node rework/renaming.
d8f6ea8 Node.js bindings: Throw a proper error object in single-file test
080bc67 generator: better debug message on node lookup failure.
b981121 ammend to split python
a5b5d7c flow: split string-regexp into own node module.
6a1a09c cheat-sheet (html): support aliases now.
da083c9 cheat-sheet: output now ordered alphabetically.
d3c75e9 flow: split python-formatting dependant nodes into their own module
f555e1a flow: split grove/lcd* nodes into their own module.
f6ac3ec build: change PRE_INSTALL's dep to be the default_target
f83ffb1 Build: Generate aliases during build type and install them.
ad57a10 Flow: Add node type aliases support.
0caae46 Util: Change signature of sol_util_iterate_dir().
0c7d270 Flow-resolver: Set MODULE_NAME_SEPARATOR as static.
3354c99 Node.js bindings: Add a sample for SPI JS bindings
cc03885 Node.js bindings: Handle main loop interruption
a90417a Fix compilation warnings.
94f6e4a Node.js bindings: Add examples for AIO and PWM JS bindings
09cf94b sol-atomic: fix DOXYGEN_RUN usage
8ea142d zephyr: Don't use task_pipe from non-task contexts
f78d5b1 Node.js bindings: Add basic examples for GPIO JS bindings
77801f8 Node.js bindings: Fix errors in resolving promises
8baff38 sol-atomic: fix doxygen issues, missing typedef
d40cb9f Relax the memory order semantics from sequentially consistent
43e73fc Use the new sol-atomic.h API instead of directly GCC intrinsics
ec6112e Add sol-atomic.h, a subset of the C11 atomic API
11aebed flow:si114x: Remove unused header
6ca37c9 sockets: Properly handle issues when SOCK_CLOEXEC isn't defined
a09a82e Fix the build when SOCK_CLOEXEC and SOCK_NONBLOCK aren't defined
bc1b70d dependency-resolver: replace the use of split to shlex.split.
798b894 dependency-resolver: split args to parse the compiler name for Yocto
c0db5c8 gpio: Adapt the Zephyr changes in GPIO callbacks
6c5f44b Fix build: get_current_dir_name() is a GNU extension
0c441a6 sol-gpio: Use macros for startup and shutdown
f678182 tools: Add command line tool to manipulate AIO
32809c0 tools: Add command line tool to manipulate GPIO
5092bdd sol-vector: change remaining usages of nocheck()
f8f80b4 types: rename sol_ptr_vector_get_nocheck
1d50dd2 JS spec: removed oic-provisioning.md. Improved implementation notes for oic.md.
7c70b8d JS OIC spec: rename OicResource::onupdate to onchange
e658b15 JS spec: add support for query options on server requests.
ad2acd0 JS API: fix require in OIC spec. Make identical with the OIC spec from iotivity-node.
b4813c1 JS spec: Fix GPIO pullup-pulldown, add raw support. Fix PWM setPeriod and setDutyCycle.
fa11a1f JS API: modify enums for UART
0c2a161 JS spec: Add OIC platform discovery.
8f31257 JS API: add ArrayBuffer to UART and SPI data types
74c75a3 JS API: Add read support to UART. Change GPIO pin type to USVString.
df2155f Fix the I2C and PWM APIs, update descriptions.
982d18e JS spec: Refactor the I2C API. Fix the SPI transfer() method. Update descriptions.
986a0b9 modules/si114x: fix build and other issues
f86adc0 Add UV sensor family si114x
524b2ce Buffer: Add missing SOL_BUFFER_FLAGS_NO_NUL_BYTE to some buffers.
29f4068 dependency-resolver: check if --compiler is valid
63cbcde modules/robotics: update license
e0fe229 flow/robotics: Add skid steering node type
a6be909 flow/robotics: Add skid-steering odometer node type
5469b1c flow/robotics: Implement PID controller
24a2904 flow/robotics: Add quadrature encoder node type
d13f4c1 flow: Add robotics module
5a431e5 flow/pwm: Add DUTY_CYCLE_PERCENT input port
12a9954 oic-sample: Fix memory leak in oic-server.
3bdfa72 oic-sample: Use correct return value in set LED function
ac85cd9 bindings/js: Add sample for Calamari Lure
38465c9 bindings/js: Reject promise if failed to open IO
46ba341 bindings/js/gpio: Use default values for `poll` and `activeLow` configs
ffc3cad Export SSIZE_MAX and SSIZE_MIN definitions
19abe62 memdesc: Fix warning when comparing signed and unsigned expressions
b4f0666 nodejs: Add extra js files to .gitignore
7cc9963 comms: Add socket implementation for Contiki
d7083f9 contiki: Revive port
f5504be log: Don't call abort() directly
2cd4da2 memdesc: serialize description.
be6a200 json: serialize and load from memdesc.
2b69ce7 memdesc: add serialization infrastructure.
11949b2 datatypes: add memdesc.
518666e str-table: add int64 variant, set errno on failures.
74010da sol-vector: uncrustify
f6da3e0 vector: add sol_vector_del_range() and sol_ptr_vector_del_range()
4f9fdb2 buffer: do nothing if length is zero.
6a7bc32 doc:http:server: Doxygen fixes
98c2d78 Fix misspellings using codespell
f37839c json: Always finalize the buffer in case of error
7941b13 iio/i2c: configure pinmux before load I2C device drivers
7a55fb4 Node.js bindings: Fix a crash and memory leak in GPIO JS bindings
1ca693e .gitignore: Add files moved to repo root as part of npm install
b80f0ac Node.js bindings: Fix errors in Uart JS bindings
72b4619 Parse the test cases results log by json [v2]
d9c7f85 NodeJS Bindings: Add JS Implementation for i2c.
fe32a00 oic: Use resource structure compatible with IoTivity 1.1
2135a61 oic: Use same Device ID format as IoTivity 1.1 RC3
a6d7ec9 buffer: Ensure NUL byte function was adding 2 bytes for NUL byte
c427be6 oic: Fix comment about device ID in resource struct
f60908c util: Improve functions to handle UUIDs
51990b9 oic: Add API to discovery oic resources using resource interface
dd63765 oic: Handle queries in proper way in resource request
13fe5d1 Build: Install devDependencies upon make check
53c65f9 cheat-sheet: fixes get code button visibility
c2a2d6a cheat-sheet: fixes copy code to clipboard issue
b5b0db9 zephyr: fix usage of net_context_get()
5a63133 samples:http:composed: Remove from blacklist
ea860ae coap: fix well_known_get() to access packet's payload the right way.
e8ba03a coap: fix leaks on error cases
dc9b80f oic-gen: Always generate code using same order of resource types
ac1a7c2 oic-gen: Don't add client to_repr_vec when all props are readonly
aa5dca3 oic-gen: ReadOnly props from imported json objs were not considered ro
dc3e187 oic-gen: fix rep_vec issue
b708772 zephyr: fix setting socket data as well
f117154 comms:socket: Use sol_buffer for recv/sendmsg
df0f2c6 buffer: Macro to check if the buffer is resizable
72b6c39 util: Export min/max macros
7f75aa3 buffer: Add missing API
826053e riot: Process all pending events in the same loop iteration
0ff31cf comms: Set socket data from options when a socket is created
914f7dd samples:coap:server Fix leaks
c15d30d samples:coap:client: Fix possible memory leak
23c36d9 memmap-storage: Fix memory leaks
2e947d6 iio: Make device creation/addressing synchronous
9e8a46f sol-util-file: Function to wait on a file
89b4d72 iio: Do not fail if couldn't set trigger name
937c06a iio: Check for manual trigger must look for `trigger_now` file
2985a31 socket: Set errno error stating that method is not implemented
9f83e6b grove-samples: Make it possible to use LED_PWM in gtk mode
3997975 mainloop:fd: Replace unset_flags() with remove/add_flags()
e3a0a94 samples:echo:client: Handle on_write properly
884f122 comms:socket:dtls: Fix sendmsg() return
fbb1eb5 comms:socket:dtls: Set missing api version
fcad7c1 buffer: Don't use implicit flags when setting secure clear
9143581 coap: fix coverity-pointed error
9e99abd Node.js bindings: Add JS bindings for SPI
8703c17 Node.js bindings: Add bindings for GPIO enum-string translation functions
a259e48 Node.js bindings: Add the JS APIs to the root and the package to the sysroot
f4e56e9 Update AUTHORS
8402c35 docs: improve "contributing" section of readme.md
d009641 HTTP: Add sol_http_requst_get_client_address() API.
337fb52 HTTP: Keep track of all resumed connections.
f2bbbf7 samples:network:socket: Echo client
29965a8 samples:network:socket: Echo server
b85d1db comms:socket: Export socket abstraction
3d9f5ff compose:http:client: Fix wrong check
9c9c744 lib/sol-iio: release buffer on sol_iio_close()
c4e95e4 Remove unneeded header include from sol-spi.h
0a16fdb HTTP: Improving http-json.fbp test.
7fd98ff HTTP: http-client/string should not handle application/json.
f2c604f HTTP: Avoid memory leak on http server nodes and always close SSE requests.
2c37fc4 HTTP: Support the simple json types at HTTP nodes.
6d1afcd sol_str_slice: Create sol_str_slice_to_blob() API.
94a8ae0 HTTP: Properly handle the accept header when dispatching responses.
7fbbc72 LWM2M: Add SOL_LWM2M_RESOURCE_INT_INIT() macro.
d96a470 GPIO: Add missing enum-string mapping functions in sol-gpio.
051bebf zephyr:comms: Fix variable sign issue
e7d2b46 SPI: Add enum-string mapping functions for sol_spi_mode
e232704 mqtt: Gives user data in config
97091af sol-log: Fix checking for NULL file and function macros
20e3abd Fix usage of sol_vector_del()
c97dfa6 docs: fix missing documentation of new public symbols
61d0077 flow:compose:client: Remove trailing character
c3e4b35 flow:meta:server: Support to generate code
8daa236 generator: Fix metatype options
5abcf50 Node.js bindings: Simplify code for locating the repository root
153475f flow-packet: add sol_flow_packet_type_from_string()
fc711c5 uncrustify: fix sol-flow-composed.
f1f7ddd uncrustify: fix http-composed-client.
db914b7 str-slice: fix "starts_with"
47c1a9c log: fix line removed by mistake.
1d3b801 oic: Don't fail init if IPv4 is not available
59379dd riot: Update to changes in RIOT master
05c6a6a log: make it possible to skip getting file/function names on output.
8a5ef17 spi-zephyr: 16Mhz are 16000000Hz
513d487 zephyr-aio: Fix sampling delay and returned reading
013e93c Runner: Fix undefined HTTP_SERVER_PORT if building without HTTP server support.
6546148 zephyr: have a way to define a machine ID.
4c59f07 zephyr: it seems time() is not available, since it hangs.
1b2e83e zephyr: implement sol_platform_impl_get_os_version().
32f6a52 HTTP: Add fbp test for http-sse.
3dbe011 HTTP: Add support for SSE in http-client nodes.
ee23854 HTTP: Remove path prefix from json response.
7ace25b HTTP: Fix return values for some implementaions of process_cb().
e76bf9c HTTP: Add SSE support for http-server nodes.
a0aaafe HTTP: Add function to sort content type by priorities.
f0ff3bc sol-str-slice: Add sol_str_slice_split_iterate() function.
bacf0af sol-str-slice: Change the return type of sol_str_slice_str_contains()/sol_str_slice_contains()
db64c6c Build: Fix merge error in node.js bindings
80b9ff7 Samples: Add script to check fbp dependencies.
bf4584c Samples: Add missing samples to the Makefile.
d3f91a2 Samples: Remove makefile entry for sample that does not exist.
83cdfb5 Samples: Add sample dependencies.
7726597 sol-bus: Increase the importance of errors in sol-bus
b350abc sol-bus: Make the handling of properties less error prone
62996d5 sol-bus: Fix observing a service on the bus
e50ba97 sol-bus: Fix asking for a property twice
0e51ce5 Node.js bindings: Add JavaScript bindings for PWM
6988198 Node.js bindings: Add JavaScript bindings for UART
0c700dd Node.js bindings: Added JS/lowlevel bindings for AIO and build stuffs
916fca9 oic-gen: support data models missing titles
c1f597c oic-gen: Properly handle camelCase property names
28770a0 http-client: set error value on function return
7ed60ff fix possible null-dereference.
9b10930 fix return check issues.
3f68683 build: make-help now lists check-bindings-nodejs
145b61c mainloop:posix: Fix set flags function
8fffc76 doc/tutorials: add licenses on fbp files
4c6e3f1 tools/check-license: check for license issues on css files
e090c3d samples/mqtt: add info / instructions to sample
80e812b sol-fbp-runner: add web inspector using SSE.
dcaa864 http-server: improve mime-type handling.
d096a7d samples/http/server-sse: use port from request.
6330dd1 sol-fbp-runner: use the recommended SOL_MAIN_DEFAULT()
fcd74a2 sol-fbp-runner: uniform exit codes and error messages.
c0ca041 sol-fbp-runner: remove stale file.
2704aca build: Add Makefile.smallos to help building for !Linux
3c50ba1 Node.js bindings: Added JS/lowlevel bindings for GPIO and build stuffs
fa7f6e4 flow: Javascript meta-type builds on other systems too
a721b35 build: Avoid duplicating objects in the final archive
e9be892 zephyr: include OIC as feature as well.
de12b50 network: inline sol_network_link_addr_eq()
199fe96 OIC: it runs fine on other OSses too.
b8c9304 build: make all compilers happy again.
ded4f78 generator and flow: Add indirection when getting node type
43024e2 Node.js bindings: Build bindings heeding configuration
6c773dc comms: Remove superfluous #ifdef's
9029e1a comms: Enable CoAP on Zephyr
94c3a12 comms: Implement sol-socket for Zephyr
b8fc5d5 comms: Implement sol-network for Zephyr
5756bc4 gpio: Match to API changes on Zephyr
ef50f54 io: Zephyr uses errno values for errors now
51cb500 shared: Use the lowest common denominator when including headers
5b534b6 comms: There's no setsockopt on RIOT
56226a6 coap: Report errors correctly
6f11c7e HTTP: Refactor http-client get-string, get-json and get-blob nodes.
7a07a33 HTTP: Fix wrong constants in http-client node.
b213d8b HTTP: Add http-server json and blob node.
28aa9b4 samples:http:server: Add sse sample
9ddfca9 http:server: Add api to SSE
7535ab4 buffer: Add api to append a sol_buffer
3753167 lwm2m: doc: TLV explained
69116c6 lwm2m: removing typedefs
8423130 lwm2m: API change: sol_lwm2m_tlv_get_bytes now receives a struct sol_buffer as argument
9cd13c8 Removed unused and unimplemented struct sol_lwm2m_client_object_instance
bf33072 lwm2m: renaming some API fucntions
fbbcb51 lwm2m: minor typos on API and samples' documentations
3fd4cfd sol-oic-gen: properly handle sol_str_table
f19bc4f sol-oic-gen: Ignore JSON files suffixed by Error, Batch and Update
cf7d6a8 sol-oic-gen: only check for type if not enum on props
58da388 sol-oic-gen: be more flexible about schemas
51476fc sol-oic-gen: fix traceback calls
c426f13 flow/oic: create node types for each oic data model resources
3a81fc1 thirdparty: add OIC IoTDataModels
c421746 coap: Optimize context keeping for all types of packets.
a037953 sol-coap: Fix copying the payload for every notification
146b5e3 coap: fix cbor encoding misusage introduced during PR refactoring.
ec56999 coap: Add links to relevant RFCs.
5daa00e Persistence: Do not let the string default value be NULL.
bc87c97 Network: Fix memory leak pointed by coverity.
b3c859b oic: Oic security module fails in insecure devices
a54f22e flow:metatype: Add server node
8f89ea8 metatype:client: Do not send error packet wrongly
84ecbbf flow:http:server: Fix wrong comparation
49b268e http:server: Fix error message
b1ffd3b http:server: Avoid call function unnecessarily
aa0f500 metatype:client: Do not call packet_del unecessary
d8ba48b Persistence: Create a persistence_node_type.
e2d2e21 oic: Add support for secure OIC connections using pre shared certs
7823f44 platform: Add method to retrieve machine id as a byte array.
ef3039f pinmux: Change Edison Arduino breakout detection
c7d653d Persistence: Add direction-vector persistence node.
143fe1d Persistence: Add RGB persistence node.
dc94f97 Platform: Properly init sol_bus_clients before trying to use it.
7b98578 Util: Fix incorrect buffer flag at sol_util_unescape_quotes()
29414b6 Flow: Add service name port to platform/service.
0392f32 Network: Add address port to network/boolean.
e7fd0ce HTTP-Server: Use sol_util_strftime().
9f82bd2 Util: Add a strftime wrapper that does not consider the system's locale.
4957397 platform-linux: Fix not handling empty locales
79493fc doc: Add Soletta first tutorial
f379bd2 Javascript module: Set js_metatype_composed_port_process() and js_metatype_simple_port_process() as SOL_ATTR_UNUSED
cc3aac0 Samples: Add missing samples to the build system.
453331e Build system: Properly handle sample CFLAGS and extra.
171bffa CoAP: Init struct sol_network_link_addr in on_can_read().
477f34c dtls: Reorder tinydtls includes in Makefile
968b3e7 dtls: Access credentials using callbacks
2782415 dtls: Use buffer capabilities to clear memory on fini
61d1146 buf: Clear memory flag should force fixed capacity instead of not owned
62f6783 update: Fix invalid access of memory
d3229fd oauth: Fix access invalid of memory
e2f150c fbp-generator: Check if symbol is a valid string.
ecd1404 list: add test suite
64b2f5a list: fix SOL_LIST_INIT macro
4992615 sol-fbp-to-dot: Fix handling of ports with the same name
d1fa3f5 build: make it possible to declare OIC specs inside node dirs
1986743 buffer: swap size with offset in sol_buffer_remove_data
62a6b5e buffer: fix typo in SOL_DECODE_UPPERCASE
5b88080 mainloop: rename parameter in SOL_SET_API_VERSION
644119e mainloop: rename sol_mainloop_source_del to sol_mainloop_del_source
150e8a5 mainloop: rename sol_mainloop_source_add to sol_mainloop_add_source
bbc8c8b mainloop: rename sol_args_set to sol_set_args
bf4dfb1 Node.js bindings: Remove sol_oic_server_(init|shutdown)
710a57e types: rename sol_*_subtraction to sol_*_sub
f506677 types: rename sol_*_multiplication to sol_*_mul
2f6e1b7 types: rename sol_*_modulo to sol_*_mod
80b5706 types: rename sol_*_division to sol_*_div
fc6a45c types: rename sol_*_addition to sol_*_add
780b65e util: rename sol_drange_val_equal to sol_util_double_equal
0eb8ae9 worker-threads: rename sol_worker_thread_spec to sol_worker_thread_config
31bfbda worker-threads: rename sol_worker_thread_cancel_check to sol_worker_thread_is_cancelled
d2c1602 run-fbp-tests: Add test PASS/FAIL info to be compatible to ptest log format definition
df8fbba form: tests on bad format strings.
45f3d4c documentation: use markdown on thirdpary/readme
77b2add documentation: add mavlink to thirdparty readme
94b4bbd io/i2c: revert a couple of commits related to multiple i2c paths
83bf275 sol-fbp-to-dot: Add line break when printing errors
aeff3ff oic-samples: Use the same name from source files and binary
ca5d3a9 ioc: Remove init and shutdown from oic server API
8a48b2d oic: Don't use prefix IN_ and OUT_ for port names
586a197 nodejs: Set NODE_GYP only if it doesn't have a value already
210e203 Node.js bindings: OIC bindings
72f6f30 Node.js bindings: Invalidate SolPlatformMonitor upon delete
60b15af Node.js bindings: Place awk portion of generate script into its own file
45f2929 Node.js bindings: Remove tab characters
b2f70f3 Build: Check license on JS files and accommodate spaces in file names
d95a002 comms: Use tinycbor/cbor.h instead of cbor.h on includes
342540b shared: Don't make sol_util_base64_calculate_decoded_len inline
9d0c2e8 riot: Bring up to date with API changes on RIOT's master
af26e18 oic: Send feedback when server ack client changes
5e861ac HTTP-Client: Properly set the API version.
2a63abe build: Don't accept different *FLAGS between configuratio and built time
f149269 build: Keep all object files under the build/ directory
b3e725a Change license of a few files that weren't updated by the script
0a40e9c HTTP-Server: Correctly set the default path.
1893b4a HTTP: Correctly check snprintf() return value.
23eaa0b HTTP: Use last modified HTTP header in requests.
0cfb1d6 HTTP-Server: Set last modified time during node open.
8cd1be7 HTTP: Avoid excessive buffer declarations.
59fbb36 HTTP: Use the correct print format for sol_irange.
c2eb1dc coap-tests: no reason to link against sol-socket.o
ab42b09 build: add missing rule 'check-stub' on soletta_help
d9d0255 scripts/stub-gen: Update license used on stub files
479704b tools/generate-svg-from-all-fbps: update regarding license
fe9c6fb tests: Fix parser tests regarding error lines
dd707b2 tools/check-license: Change script to check which license was used
9a111fe Change license on JSON files as well
be35a65 Change project license from BSD-3 clause to Apache 2.0
5599896 network: Add api to turn a link down
e71602b riot:network: Add missing stub
b4e70d5 coap: Safety check on public API
2eeee3e platform:linux: Add no return attribute
6b9b893 platform:systemd: Fix variable name
c183268 mainloop:posix: Remove unecessary checks
31f7d57 mqtt: Fix double free when deleting a sol_timeout
84ac63a mqtt: API not set for mqtt handlers
960cd73 HTTP-Server: Avoid overflow in server_data->refcount.
d305d12 HTTP-Server: Avoid using an unnecessary malloc.
ca0f2c6 HTTP-Server: Use common open function for all http server nodes.
2481fb4 HTTP: Add server/client direction-vector nodes.
692f920 HTTP: Add server/client RGB nodes.
f06bda4 scripts/gen-html: use module names as category id
40f7827 form: fix uninitialized values.
8cfb7be Platform: Use sol_util_escape_quotes() at locale values.
b8a4235 Util: Add function to escape quotes from a slice.
67e207d build: Simplify SUBDIRS definition
0df5943 build: Don't pass unused definitions on CFLAGS
a95c763 build: dependency-resolver doesn't use prefix anymore
ac35ee6 pin-mux: Move structures to 'ro' sections
ece42bf samples/flow: add comprehensive sample using OIC and HTTP
83f0f3b flow/http-client: allow NULL url.
1b26332 flow/oic: only emit packets if value changed.
a8e1eac http: improve handling of error codes.
9a2f494 flow/http-server: only emit packets if value changed.
3edf85d flow/persistence: only emit packets if value changed.
c82c0fc util: return if string was replaced or not.
bd2d960 network: Fix api name
ba91a33 coap: Fix wrong unref
61b2771 coap: No need to check for (IPv4) MTU limit anymore.
487af35 coap: finally get rid of hardcoded packet sizes at sending side.
9487431 HTTP-Server: Add test for allowed methods
b43ebc6 HTTP-Server: Add option to set allowed HTTP methods.
b4dd70e sol-vector: Update functions documentation with their corresponding time complexities
b51c6f8 dtls: Don't crash when calling recvmsg to calculate packet size
cd7b259 Flow: Add timestamp editor node.
a298577 Flow: Add float editor nodes.
f2fdfea Flow: Add missing types to gtk/label.
dd331be Update Readme with instructions about git submodules
9c70a4d comms:lwm2m: Fix return value
9e46ae3 coap: sol_socket_recvmsg() can now calculate next message's size, only.
a78f5c2 coap: change it to handle payload in sol_buffers.
6b9a1b3 comms: Fix use of uninitialized variable
dbcdf84 common: Implement mainloop_impl_lock on Zephyr
329f8e1 common: Let Soletta run on Zephyr nanokernels too.
aef9343 common: Rename main function for Zephyr
3f6bc49 build: Ensure with use std=gnu99 on dependency resolver
031661e Flow: Use the correct expression to calculate the option padding.
186c6f1 flow: fix building and install without node type description.
f06e26a flow: add sol_flow_single_new() and sample.
43f9f05 flow/wallclock: fix overflow on 32bit machines.
431bff4 flow/wallclock: reindent macro to shut-up tools/check-style.py
2d044d5 flow: check if node type has get_port_in()/get_port_out() before calling.
ecf696d flow: add find-type sample.
8e9dfdc flow: add helpers to get port index by name.
db48fe6 flow: minor fixes.
2a69a93 samples/flow/c-api: add missing dependencies.
d6f7d27 Bugfix: typo
e9f767e aio: Bug fix 'sol_util_strerror' usage
38073d1 pin-mux: For Edison, reset pinmux during startup
77ffc2d pin-mux: Check for arduino breakout in Edison
7cc3cd1 oic-samples: Don't hardcoded resource type to be used in iotivity sample
23c3296 oic-samples: Make it easier to read the bytes printed in a byte str.
be018bd comms:lwm2m: Fix using uninitialized variable
7078e06 flow:composed:http: Fix wrong check
9321dc4 Sol-coap: sol_coap_server_register_resource() should return an int.
552af14 Sol-lwm2m: Do not send CoAP notifications to objects/instances that have already been notified.
efe3881 memmap-storage: More meaningful error messages
b1c6185 persistence: Use INF for messages that indicated handled behaviour
642dd98 efivarfs-storage: Fix missing return
de0c3c0 efivarfs-storage: Remove useless check
1a00de4 Sol-http: Add more IPv6 tests.
5c3d1fc Sol-http: Add The '[' and ']' characters if the host is a IPv6.
aab4a78 Sol-http: Properly parse IPv6 addresses.
2bbe441 run-fbp-tests: Fix bug #1516
0902e5f scripts/suite: support python 2 and 3
79e3293 sol-util: avoid dead code
5e78dce Node.js bindings: Add invasive tests
56846d7 Node.js bindings: Add platform monitors
aaf4f90 Node.js bindings: Add classes for wrapping native pointers
4274916 Node.js bindings: Run the uv main loop on top of soletta's when needed
595e26f Mainloop: Posix implementation loops only over watched children
ebf405b Node.js bindings: Use yargs to parse test suite command line
187822d Remove platform dependent code from coap.c
450be88 check-style: works with uncrustify greater than 0.60
1efec00 oic: Use correct response code for packets with content
69587f4 coap: Do not use platform dependent code
ce7a460 util: Add api to convert endianness
2f997cd dep-resolver: escape '#' in Makefile.gen
31ee45d soletta.pc: use paths relative to variables.
38a70a1 iio: only reset buffer when we did a full read.
2cd5623 sol-util-file: only use trim where it matters.
57d8fcd samples/http/server: improve usability and simplify read-loop.
0ba9cf7 io: use new sol_util_fill_buffer_exactly()
b1e31b6 flow/unix-socket: use new sol_util_fill_buffer_exactly()
c5692e0 sol-util-file: add sol_util_fill_buffer_exactly() and document.
ac1ae7b sol-util-file: handle zero-sized reads and EAGAIN.
ba3f7df sol-util-file: improve trailing null-byte handling.
a7ab761 comms/http-common: only ensure null-bytes when they are needed.
32938e9 buffer: fix and document null-byte handling.
02edbe1 util-file: do not set all flags, only the needed.
60b48ae lwm2m: Remove 'mixed declarations' warning
73b64b6 runner: 'parse_args' after initialization
a89cd3c Sol-monitors: Fix infinite loop while iterating over a sol-monitor callbacks.
774c37c Samples: Add set-target node sample.
dc5cd50 Sol-platform: Properly init _ctx.systemd sol_bus_client.
b93fc4d Platform: Create a node to set the system target.
d90b772 tests-fbp/persistente-memmap: Change precondition
3f8d71a sol-util-uuid-gen: Set SOL_BUFFER_NO_NUL_BYTE
6aa7800 oic: Create a sol_oic_client_new function to create clients
9c0bfd5 dtls: Remove unused parameter from static function
b7abc6a oic: Add support to explicit discoverable resources
5b9f2ca comms/http-client: lazy-init and shutdown cURL integration.
59bd50c comms: no need to malloc network inside sol-network-impl-linux.c
6679d54 comms: lazy netlink and improved failure handling.
10490d3 comms: hide sol_network_init() and sol_network_shutdown()
cf23fd7 oic: Don't call packet unref twice.
4273415 oic: Don't use resource after freeing it.
a32a1a9 oic: Check for errors in some functions calls in oic.
193d8ef comms: replace sol_buffet_at_end to sol_buffer_at_end
bb44537 Wallclock: Add system clock monitors.
8ed9abf Wallclock: Add port to enable/disable wallclocks.
d75abb7 common: Support setting log levels at compile time
1f8fd66 common: Take SOL_MAIN_DEFAULT out of sol-mainloop.h
fe1ef73 dep-resolver: show the proper python's version
c2188d7 check-fbp-bin: Fix building the javascript test
4fc1312 Sol-util: Use struct sol_buffer to store the error string.
46d7b5a Sol-json: Use struct sol_buffer to store doubles and escaped strings.
c55fe11 Sol-network: Use struct sol_buffer in sol_network_addr_to_str() to store the address.
a704f02 Sol-http: Use struct sol_buffer to store the created URI.
1d9c797 Sol-power-supply: Use a struct sol_buffer to store string properties.
842957b Sol-file-util: Add a new read util that appends the file contents to a buffer.
2678265 Sol-buffer: Add an API to increment the buffer's capacity.
228318d build: Don't build with fPIC static library
2814a56 lwm2m: Remove unecessary headers
6343c83 build: Fix undefined reference
1b549f3 submodules: update them
c2053e4 build: make submodules follow master branches and add rule
1bceef0 coap: Allows one set the server address
ef35401 coap: Allows two servers at same time
f698d65 comms: Add api to set socket options
fbe2c47 Sol-lwm2m: Do not bitwise or the result of the operation with tlv_content.len.
eb2f879 Sol-lwm2m: Set the correct constant for 24 bits TLV.
e061476 Sol-lwm2m: Freeing wrong variable at err_sms label.
b2d9fc4 Sol-lwm2m: Set api version before calling sol_lwm2m_resource_init().
28a10ff Sol-lwm2m: Make coverity happy and use splitted_path instead of splitted_path_len.
37ac10a Sol-coap: Check return of sol_coap_add_option().
202dcb7 submodules: ignore dirty submodules
8014931 docs: update readme regarding new protocols and bindings
9dd1fd5 Merge pull request #1443 from guchaojie/master
d0600b5 docs: add template for reporting issues on Soletta
1b02741 Node.js bindings: Add more simple platform bindings
9eec928 Node.js bindings: Add test suite
e5d79c1 Update both mavlink and tinycbor submodules, as well.
8058161 Update duktape submodule's state.
4856132 duktape: fix bad usage of duk_safe_to_string() in our code.
a4ef3af duktape: adapt to 1.4.0 version changes.
e65564c Build: Enable fPIC for all builds
2b1d9be build: let log level unlimited and add more explanations
ff79181 lwm2m: Keep compiler quiet
ab94229 Add IIO node sample include Gryosope, Magnet, Accelerate, Color, Humidity, Light, ADC, Pressure and Temperature
4e97546 crypto/openssl: avoid deprecated functions
df24bf1 samples/crypto: use sha256 by default instead of md5sum
54a74a7 riot: Fix building against RIOT master
47426ec oic-client-sample: use printf() on usage.
29a9ef5 LWM2M: Add samples.
25afc17 LWM2M: Add test.
96d0cf2 LWM2M Client: Dispath notification messages if the LWM2M resources changes.
b2bec78 LWM2M Client: Add management interface.
01fa8dd LWM2M Client: Add LWM2M client with registration interface.
8d0b5f1 LWM2M Server: Add support for management interface.
2d4c83c LWM2M Server: Add observation interface and TLV content support.
ed01c7c LWM2M Server: Add registration interface.
793f1cc utils: Add overflow check for uint32_t and strtoul functions.
dbf1f97 utils: Properly check overflow on int signed during multiplication.
627eb22 generator: Fail if invalid option is given
d362771 generator: Fail if found option for node with no option
8ce89a3 dtls: Remove all warnings from tinydtls build
baf0e91 coap: Debug query in coap debug function
4bfce40 oic: Remove unused parameter
97f345e grove-kit: Improve usage text for 'sound-sensor'
7fe8b13 grove-kit: Update Buzzer pin for Edison
c61a770 io: Update config file names
4c200f2 io/i2c: avoid warning msgs where they shouldn't be
20a74de samples/calamari: fix and simplify 7seg-segments sample
d12b680 samples/calamari: fix conf file for kernel > 3.17
3e85b50 comms:build: Preserve soletta flags
dc8854b mavlink: protect against uninitialized fields on mavlink_message_t
6dca09f Build: Co-locate targets dependent on USE_NODEJS
c06a3ac Sol-I2C: Fix resource leak pointed by coverity.
31a0025 lib/io: look for more paths for i2c devices
3afafeb build: Set max log level to error on release mode
d368dd7 build:mavlink: Fix dependency
9c9528f Compiler warning: Do not use ASSERT_INT_EQ() to compare size_t and ssize_t
fbcebde Compiler warnings: Fix Incorrect format.
455fb6a Compiler warnings: Use SOL_ATTR_PRINTF() and SOL_ATTR_SCANF() to avoid warnings.
4354bc1 Add some missing NULL checks.
3dfc3bb Compiler warnings: Fix warning about variables not being initialized.
88c7eb6 Compiler warnings: Fix warning about unused variables/function return.
bd33b33 Fix typo.
cbac403 oic: Fix uninitialized memory access in no-payload requests
e4feb0c grove: If a cmd fails, we still have to mark it as done.
b32b211 gpio: Be verbose (INF) about edge none
c7feb46 gpio: If fd watcher fails, fallback to timeout
fde3e78 bus: Fix return of uninitialized variable
6e5a858 pin-mux: Fix typo in Edison map table
93bfd2f modules: fix a few compiling issues
6035b25 Hardening Soletta
c425fe7 oic: Do not include platform specific network headers
49ef2ac sol-conffile: If find an error on JSON, log it as SOL_ERR
3fa3595 zephyr: Share some code between io modules.
21e4ce4 flow/network: Do not use PATH_MAX on buffer size
22b5d3c build: Enable flow on Zephyr
81fcf36 zephyr: add PWM implementation.
b5e2f70 zephyr: add AIO implementation.
da9e39a zephyr: Add SPI implementation.
5e11d54 zephyr: add I2C implementation.
40a46b0 zephyr: Add GPIO support
0fe43c4 zephyr: Initial port
b99c0de nodejs: make use of dep-resolver
b6e17d9 dep-resolver: add _DIR symbol for exec resolver
4e028bf flow: Don't assume node-type headers are all in the same place
ca5adca comms: Add sol_network_link_addr_eq on RIOT
3c77741 iio: Don't fail if could not disable a trigger
71c880a iio: Fix null check
88f2d9c doc: add link to crypto group
1a78071 crypto: Add clarification about how the wrapper works
69d3db3 iio: More detail on some error messages
7b45d6c linux-micro: avoid TOCTOU when setting timezone
7c5195a linux-micro: use proper printf format conversions
5443a39 conffile: Check the return value
48354d2 modules/http-client: only check API for valid responses
3f2662e modules/gtk: do not check if opts is null
0ad1d6c Fix check of snprintf() return value
3f8635a oic: Make /oic/d and /oic/p resources discoverable
2873f5d oic: Don't leak resource in server shutdown
5426db4 oic: Export API to create resources with custom hrefs
3c888d5 flow/led-7-seg: fix build regarding GPIO dependency
bae5e70 linux-micro: kmod split kmod insert code
8f7ac3b Fix invalid returns
5f96dec sol-vector: Make coverity stops complain about overflow
be838a7 ptr_vector: Check the return value
7422abb flow:form: Avoid de-reference null pointer
788906c builders: move them to other repository
e31cc07 Normalize API versions fields across the project.
d60d585 Build: Specify -lasan when using dynamic sanitize address.
5129d59 Node.js bindings: Add infrastructure and start binding platform functions
8bca323 riot: Fix building on RIOT-OS
e901585 io: Use uint8_t for bytes and bytestrings.
216a331 oic: Check if we are at the end of the map properly
e148f62 coap: Print the correct error number and string
f04a302 oic: Coap option size is incorrect
1377120 Update authors
fd65ac4 oic: Support no payload packets and packets with empty map payload
8f31269 oic: Add missing safety checks
f18f484 oic client sample: pass destination addr via cmd line.
5faeaa8 Improve check-cpp to test the exported #defines.
465148a Fix some #defines to work properly with g++.
cfbb352 Fix code style issue
a5e71e5 Fix compile error on small OSes.
0398dfd samples: use a single sol-flow.json for grove-kit
0b5871f samples: fix grove-kit sound sensor generic conf file
b171055 samples: add oic scan sample conf file for galileo
456e309 oic: Fix invalid array size when we have invisible resources
0af532b oic: Use new way of seting a resource as secure in dicovery
f33a58a oic: Server resource pointer gets invalid when another one is deleted
5f94256 build: Removed unused variable
fe94782 flow:unix-socket: Removed unecessary define
321074e Fix some compiler warnings.
96b80d8 Re-fix the case of XSI-compliant strerror_r
7c596a4 samples: Add missing dependencies to samples
bfce4f9 oic-samples: Fix light-scan dependencies
7f321bc oic: Scan callback shouldn't set the connected resource
9904608 flow: Add STTS751 temperature sensor node type
09716cc flow/iio: Use correct data on callback direct call
a158685 Build: Set -ffloat-store on non 64 bits architetures.
c542a63 Fix pipe2 in case one fcntl fails
bc1382f build: Give common_ldflags to modules
4ee0924 build: Add --no-undefined option
c69d92a stub: Dummy must link with libsoletta
5d27522 nodes: Linking with used libraries
d8d689f oic: String packets need to be taken on a proper way
2051c1a oic: Correct packet type for 'number' is 'float'
57b354f flow:iio: Add Light sensor Category support into iio node
4e2c4cc iio: Add support to read processed channels
9aff6c0 comms:dtls: Fix pointer signedness issue
d72f514 comms:dtls: Remove redundant redeclaration
b4fb54b samples:linux-micro: Do not redefine _GNU_SOURCE
b4abd4f generator: Fix tool dependency
d2a94e5 Add pipe2 replacement implementation based on pipe
7a15fa7 Fix build: detect memrchr and strdupa
f463ea7 Fix warning when XSI-compliant strerror_r is provided
bee8c86 oic: Always call cb in platform and server get info
e84a90a oic: Make some fields optional in /oic/d and /oic/p responses
e636822 Fix truncation of 64-bit value during abs() call
34e5e98 Add support for pollts as a replacement for ppoll
198ee41 Remove use of non-standard errno name ENOKEY from portable code
5c4f92d POSIX struct siginfo does not have si_stime or si_utime
030bdb5 Replace obsolete IPV6_ADD_MEMBERSHIP with official IPV6_JOIN_GROUP
8391983 test-fbp: make expected output less strict
fc2efe4 timerfd_settime() needs a valid timespec.
94ab937 pin-mux/intel-common: use declared log domain.
206f6c2 Soletta modules should link to libsoletta.
aea007b Fix build: we insist on functions having prototypes
40ff65d sol-coap: Properly handle observe option.
a737615 Fix build: strncasecmp is declared in strings.h
ef80c9b Rename variables called "timezone"
4858435 Fix Clang warning -Wmissing-noreturn
e57df0a Fix truncation-conversion of SIZE_MAX to int32_t
18cd281 Fix build: static_assert is C11
5507483 process: Add missing sol-util-file include
a2bf90d Remove fallback accept4 because it doesn't work
93210b1 fix dependency-resolver flags check.
2d9abde Fix build: include sol-board-detect.h with the right #ifdef
9f60a08 Remove extra slash in find
4abd906 Check for the validity of the -soname flag before using
abc7d9c Fix use of non-POSIX errno name ENOTUNIQ
34166bd sol-util-file: Fix wrong includes
1ba3bba Fix build: missing #include "sol-util-file.h"
7f8a9c2 oic: Macro SOL_OIC_MAP_LOOP was never finishing with success
aeab534 oic: Fix incorrect documentation
f9d0efe Remove -e from echo
f275530 Add missing #pragma GCC diagnostic push
ebbbcf9 Add missing header sol-util-file.h
92e5541 form: Fix memory leak
d662d58 Sol-platform: Register a new inotify if /etc/locale.conf was deleted.
54b9593 util: Exporting array_size
3c25505 util: Add missing SOL_API
c3ca880 http:client: Add composed metatype
48889a9 generator:metatype: Add support for options
1da2b24 oic: Don't override response msg type set by coap lib
cf3e67a sol-coap: Set sol_coap_msgtype_t when creating a new sol_coap_packet
a17a39d doc:util: Add missing doc
70a83a9 glib-integration: Using sol-util functions
8a981de build: Fix the sol-util-file dependency
75b3cc4 util: add docs
3db809c samples: Do not depend of internal things
3afd24e sol-util: Exporting useful functions
eb8c43c samples: Move oauth fbp sample
d9cf5ea Revert "calamari: fix polling to actually take place."
82c8f93 string-format: Initializing the log domain
31e26a1 update: Fix 'C' linkage on header
9897fef Fix leftover of "Normalizing user data pointer" commit.
3570e0b log: Add missing header
ccddae3 log: Make buildable with c++ compiler
9a6afc6 glib-integration: Make header buildable in C++
c12a288 aio: include stdbool
fcfd87e build:cpp: Added a check-cpp target
eebbbf1 Mark noreturn function with SOL_ATTR_NORETURN
2b9242f sol-socket: Convert from sol_to_af before using it.
1604c49 comms: Fix documentation typos
8e1a614 build: Disable LTO on debug builds
970a4f6 common: Let's not fail the init just because we don't have locales
146fb56 comms: Don't rely on external definitions
53ced2e riot: vtimer was deprecated in favor of xtimer
5de4515 comms: Fix sol-socket-impl-riot after the move to DTLS
8f46930 common: Fix API change from RIOT
9aa6107 platform: If return type is a pointer, then return a pointer
d65b5d8 uart: Adapt to RIOT API changes
8807328 common: Don't include unnecessary headers
56cc0c8 sol-network: Do not let the user remove the current handle during host_info_cb.
c9fdb62 sol-network: Use sol-vector on the sol_network_get_hostname_address_info() callback.
8681c5f oic: Add oic sample to test iotivity compatibility
8d43b97 oic: Perform update on post requests
2fe7f92 oic: Use correct response code in handle get
fda282c oic: Add coap header response code in oic client callbacks
1330789 oic: Use same approach from coap to inform timeout to oic clients
134b2ec oic: Rename parameter to a better name.
a8dadde oic: Reply non-confirmable packets with non-confirmable responses
280b8ca oic: Correct usage of function cbor_value_map_find_value
984b738 samples:network: Interface monitor
dbfb4a3 flow:network: Remove unused variable
bb39f2e sol-network: Fix indentation.
f31fee7 sol-network: Add getaddrinfo() like function.
8d3c7d8 calamari: fix polling to actually take place.
2cf672a flow/accelerometer: No need to depend on Linux
7c1f9be Normalizing user data pointer
b2d2c2b oic: Parameter not check on public function
31922e9 http:server: Add api to set post data buffer size
ddb4759 headers: Avoid using GCC-isms
e1757aa shared: Undefine ARRAY_SIZE before defining
287401e various: Avoid using 'char' as an index
e04c834 samples: Fix CoAP simple-client sample
7232c0a comms: Don't make CoAP clients join any mcast groups
defda85 common: If Soletta failed to init, we can't use sol-log
2e69b38 flow/grove-lcd: Free command list when command is done.
1f857d6 aio+riot: Unbreak after aio changes.
accc6c2 aio: more USE_PIN_MUX-only code dangling when that's not the case
c4c2570 update: only have module loader variable if ENABLE_DYNAMIC_MODULES
6522123 flow:iio: Add ADC sensor Category support into iio node
a539400 flow:iio: Add Humidity sensor Category support into iio node
6c3dadb flow:iio: Add Accelerate sensor Category support into iio node
eb21fee flow:iio: Add Color sensor Category support into iio node
a350efd flow:iio: Add Pressure sensor Category support into iio node
3e77d7f flow:iio: Add Magnet sensor Category support into iio node
c6e007a log: Fix invalid expression
c66ac7c packet: Add missing packets to type_as_string()
193d5ac macros: Add likely/unlikely in sol-macros.h
636099a coap: Add unknown resource handler.
b4999fd common/mainloop: fix possible unsigned integer underflow.
38a1684 datatypes/vector: +find/match, +insert_at, change insert_sorted return.
2bf8631 datatypes/vector: cross-reference various ways to delete elements.
d928fc2 datatypes/vector: add "_nocheck()" variants when index is pre-validated.
a19a613 datatypes/vector: stable sorted insert.
fb553bc datatypes/vector: check low and high before doing binsearch.
e689a22 common/mainloop: allow different implementation in runtime.
266d736 common/mainloop: document Multi-Thread behavior of mainloop.
ee285e0 common/mainloop: rename sol_mainloop_source_new() to '_add()'
efc9775 fix shutdowns so further inits will work.
2467f6e build: Split building of tests from running them
9e02d6b common: Ignore unknown locale keys instead of failing
ff3cc02 http:server: Handle post data correctly
9d21a2a samples:http:client: Support to post data
949c3e1 http:client: Handle POSTDATA properly
adb09de http:server: POSTDATA is handled twice
1a1a6c0 Use pipe2(2) instead of pipe(2)
2210e39 coap: Send reset message with no one is waiting for an observable message.
dbb7363 coap: Change the behaviour of remove_outgoing_packet()
a44d05a mavlink: Fix uninitialized variable
7f4cdd6 fix: Public header uses private things
bd3b393 systemd: Fix warnings from sol-bus update
0d45900 aio: change API to be asynchronous.
3bb9a3d doc: more i2c doc fixes.
f288513 oic: Use timeout from coap packets to remove discovery item
ff1bf6c coap: timeout from nonconfirmable packets was never reached
9f49d20 oic: Fix code style
baeece0 oic: Make oic packets payload compatible with iotivity 1.0.1
84bcbb4 oic: Move some cbor helper methods from client to cbor file.
f595b0f mavlink: add sol_mavlink_mode doxygen description
6ab4d6a mavlink: introduce the mavlink protocol implementation
987ca11 docs: Document better the I2C callback status codes.
216f681 platform: unbreak after sol_bus changes.
fb2f5d3 style: force exactly one space before newline definition continuations.
f7ba8ad sol-bus: Add documentation
6de391d platform/systemd: Fix building with the new sol-bus API
e63ce86 sol-bus: Add support for observing when a service enter/exits the bus
fffc8a3 sol-bus: Add support for monitoring interfaces
4696177 sol-bus: Add the concept of a sol_bus_client
299e89f sol-bus: Add path information to the property watches
07b72e8 sol-bus: Properly export public API functions
f7b4f63 update: Fix log domain
58ff3bb pin-mux: Fix log domain
783a6d9 coap: Add support for CoAP ping messages
ea417db coap: Add SOL_COAP_CODE_EMPTY macro
10aac05 flow: Add documentation
a412f4a flow-packet: Add documentation
42e3107 comms: Add missing define documentation
6c8b19f flow-parser: Add documentation
03f0c1b flow-builder: Add documentation
9745228 flow-resolver: Add Documentation
ea560b2 flow-static: Add documentation
42c6f0c flow-simplec: Add documentation
4d740fb flow-inspector: Add documentation
a7e0b94 common: Fix mainloop docs
2779132 fix: Headers buildable in C++
d9f6c81 fix: Explict casts in public headers
21beb56 fix:http: Fix inline code to build with C++ compiler
4d78347 fix: namespace is a C++ reserved word
42eee6b fix: delete is a C++ reserved word
3dec333 types: Add documentation
1cbe3ac platform: Add documentation
9f83485 macros: Add documentation
0ef1821 log: Improve documentation
447a549 log: Fix macro coding style
8037572 mainloop: Improve documentation
ae2dc7e pin-mux: Add 'sol_io_protocol' documentation
dd7bafa modules/keyboard: let on_code function in node type
7edb9d2 samples: add basic sample covering keyboard modes
7e38054 modules/keyboard: send error packets for all users
7edb013 modules/keyboard: fix events handling
54ad2a1 modules/keyboard: keyboard/int doesn't need a specific data
0797389 modules/keyboard: use a common close for all types
dc97a7b comms/oic: fix docs
8dcce03 Locale: Fix missing locale symbols in some platforms.
4760651 oic: Fix /oic/d and /oic/p url behavior
8f96352 oic: Fix memory leak in server get info call
32bd745 docs: enable autobrief on doxygen
c633a19 mainloop: don't use log print function before sol_init().
c8ebaa3 oic: Make api similar with the rest of project
9e71d50 Add platform galileo-microlinux
4585607 Add platform minnowboard-linux
8215701 Add platform desktop-contiki
65c5bbc build: fix circular dependency
111dc63 AIO: if pinmux is not built, don't access the header.
3530710 build: Fix install message
1519b17 coap: Add function to fetch all packet options
eccb091 sol-list: Add missing includes
7fd6019 Platform+Flow: Add locale API and nodes.
b8ef35e build:http: Fix sample dependencies
9f57744 flow/iio: Add 'out_range' to nodes
5135970 flow/iio/gyroscope: Do not set direction vector min and max
9a1b7c3 comms:network: Add docs
56c2110 oic: Support making requests using NONCON packets
f30ddfc coap: Use larger timeout for NONCON packets
ab1088e oic: Always close packet payload before sending
e75c7ce coap: Payload length calculation was incorrect for created packets
82303eb oic: Generate an oic node with same spec used by iotivity samples
73f4403 oic: Add a parameter to change resource type in oic server sample
7db1bb1 oic-gen: Fix issues when generating multiple oic nodes
bb9cbd4 coap+oic: Add API for debug purposes
a4cb561 form: remove converter dependency
9520607 http:server: Support HEAD method
cd2a771 spec: Add JavaScript API specifications for OIC, AIO, GPIO, I2C, PWM, SPI, UART.
d8782ee lcd: Use less memory on the commands queue handling.
dc088d1 flow:network: Basic oauth + twitter sample
1ae2dd3 flow:twitter: Add twitter client
f9a560f sol-json: Add documentation.
7a3e08c inspector: Invalid memory access when inpecting int and float options
364ae41 flow: Variable allocated with calloc was cleared again.
0a84f83 contiki: Add documentation on public functions of contiki
b527749 HTTP-Server: Set Response Content-Type when serving static files.
d5e59fb log: Fix SOL_INT_CHECK
bfa1185 flow:iio: Add Temperature sensor type support into iio node V3.
e1e6d11 flower-power: Do not export unecessary symbols
ef29993 HTTP-Client: Cast size_t to curl_off_t.
3d0514a HTTP-Client: Fix typo.
cca0422 Plataform+Flow: Add timezone/system clock API/nodes.
0dafdfb flow: Add helper to load packet types
6723401 log: log domain variables may not be referenced.
7459a8d kmod: Fix wrong return value.
7b1636a flow/iio: Duplicate string options
757ad58 flow/iio: Do not store node on private data
cf07ee4 update: 'need_update' field on `struct sol_update_info`.
437ea56 flow:form: Fix unintialized variable usage
380a360 comms:http:oauth: Fix signature
4d78f7f oic:samples: Fix according with the new api
cfd1494 form: fix coverity issues.
19aa86a fix:random: seed for urandom was never 0
ac71c6d Fixing indentation.
3acfc4c form: new string-formatted node, with tests.
e1a3448 converter+string-format: Improvements and hinding unecessary structs.
d3697cb log: expose nodes' log domains properly again.
a6ca51b Adding NULL sentinel to sol_str_table_ptr.
d37b8d4 Javascript: Fix incorrect port order.
a6af73d build: fix only TARGET_CC missing enclosing quotes.
6a99562 scripts:oicgen: Remove wrong free
c52c778 samples:http: Fix build dependency
e84fe73 samples:http: Server sample
22fb853 samples:http: Static files
d291a9c oic: Add doxygen documentation to OIC API
c558db6 coap: Add @brief to coap documentation
219d0c1 coap: Fix incorrect way of accessing a string position
5f5efc1 oic/cbor: encode cbor to/from packets on the wire
6b87005 console: Stop complaint about unused return
c499d1e update: Fix wrong variable size
9423e20 sample:http: Client sample
3573f85 http:common: Add function to split post field params
c5c137a json: Export JSON Path API
21d2166 sol-buffer: Add documentation
65148f6 sol-str-slice: Add documentation
543942c sol-arena: Add documentation
b33b016 sol-str-table: Add documentation
dce9a52 sol-list: Add documentation
7ebd3b4 sol-vector: Add API documentation
f06d96b docs: Generate documentation for static functions
2de410c Plataform+Flow: Add support to get/set hostname.
e6c5d9b lib/http: document client and common
3172bee build: make help should work even if not configured yet
315a94e sol-bus: Add support for properties with complex types
36da758 sol-bus: Fix only allowing 8 properties per table
386ee72 coap: fix uninitialized variable warning.
cedd586 Flow Meta type: Add docs.
d67352e Build: Support the javascript.fbp when running check-fbp-bin.
071d543 Javascript: Add support for code generation.
6cb1ef1 Flow: Add function sol_flow_packet_get_packet_type_as_string().
0fe1332 Sol-fbp-generator: The generator should provide a context to the metatype.
d70b898 Sol-fbp-generator: Fix segfault when get_ports() returns an error.
ca5497d oic: Call callback when timeout is reached
413f46a oic: device_id string was leaking
39a60de coap: When a client is observing a server, a block is always leaked
3556363 samples: Sample fbp for update node types and startup.nsh for EFI module
5a2a5fa flow: Node types for updating Soletta apps
7a07954 update: New module for Soletta - update. So Solleta apps ca be updated.
829fdc9 sol-util-file: Function to safely move file
d40b91d build: fix make install regarding EXTRA_BINS
00ec768 lib/coap: fix macro documentation
f3aa5fb common: add macro for static checking array size
1570a56 lib/http: Fix build of library and tests
ed6d7ea samples: Fix CoAP samples
7365cdc http: Not creat empty SOL_BUFFER_FLAGS_MEMORY_NOT_OWNED buffers.
7a9ac00 buffer: Only perform 'clear memory' if buffer has requested so
e5eb882 aio: Update docs
0256119 platform: Document 'board_name' function
baea56b pin-mux: Update pin mux modules docs
372faa6 comms/dtls: Add functions specific to DTLS sockets
aaca273 coap: Remove unused iface/resource_type from sol_coap_resource
70c46c9 shared/random: URANDOM engine shouldn't allow being passed a seed
92c652e datatypes: Allow zeroing out buffer contents before finishing
7bc9336 tests: avoid wrong order of packets on timeout delays
6b29df2 dtls: Use correct server when sending it through dtls
a320378 lib/coap: fill documentation holes
74b575d scripts/gen-html: escape double quotes on default values
bada5db Stub generator: Replace sol_flow_packet_get_composed_members_len() function call
5adb840 docs: Add some missing '@brief's
6150b76 oic: Send correct packet to unobserve an oic resource
7e7332c coap: Add safety check to pending_reply_free
dd6a744 board-detect: Remove check without effect
aa90edb lib/power-supply: add free_list()
de519f7 samples:http: Basic sample for download
20f103d http:client: Add support to transfer chunks of data
2914a6d docs: Add mission groups of 'lib/common'
baa0cf3 pin-mux: Improve documentation
c427602 buffer: Use only one check
0ee5a56 buffer: Add sol_buffer_steal_or_copy function
01f6003 buffer: Function to remove part of the buffer's data
417c79b coap: Fix possible overflow in sol_coap_uri_path_to_buf
723ee8e coap: Improve handling of cancelations of observing packets
96e91b0 coap: Fix memory leak if error
2a25436 coap: Add api to cancel a packet scheduled to be send
e6c17b2 coap: stop waiting for a reply after timeout
bca68b1 dtls: Fix free order in sol_socket_dtls_del
f2f863d dtls: Fix memory leak when clearning a sol_vector
f1a5d84 http:common: Add function to split query params
dc59c20 util:slice: Export sol_util_str_split
bcd85e6 Javascript: Add the missing Soletta types to javascript metatype.
3ab9dd9 Sol-flow-composed: Change sol_flow_packet_get_composed_members behavior
92b8e59 http:client: Add documentation
6951346 oic-demo: Use default conffile name for light-client sample
8cac5b5 network: Do not include sys/socket
35be3e1 build: Fix race condition about 'sol_config.h'
b9533cf doc: document missing I/O API
6b74e40 lib/power-supply: document missing API
9a92041 build: show doxygen warnings if it fails
6d6f7f0 doc: build xml docs and be more strict about files to be covered
2412921 lib: documentation fixes
f44cffc shared: do not export symbols in shared
2d10910 docs: split http docs in 3 groups
f8c4968 build: return error if warning log is generated by make doxygen
596544b build: fix make doxygen
09c6366 doc: log warnings so they can be easily found
54ce0be doc: doxygen fixes
fe30d40 samples: Add simple example of MQTT node usage
267b29f comms: Add generic MQTT flow module
bd68d36 comms: Add support for TLS connection in MQTT
6770193 comms: Use keepalive in milliseconds in mqtt
a8f7e95 sol-certificate: add tests
6d95124 sol-certificate: Add certificate abstraction
27283f6 board detect: Change install path and file name
454dcb4 board detect: Add support to multiple files
59fbd0a build: Fix soletta.pc
b920bef build: Add curl cflags
8ac4350 flow:oauth: Avoid integer overflow
3e28e30 http:oauth: Fix memory leak
c0bb6f5 http:server:static: Keep option and port consistent
e059ecd http:client: Fix possible null pointer dereference
b5b0816 http:client: Fix invalid memory access
b01075e http:client: Fix timeout problem
8c8298c modules/timer: don't reset timer if enabled state doesn't change
354c5d5 flow/test: Fix use after free in boolean-generator with invalid inputs
47d9b06 riot: Refactor interrupt scheduler to avoid malloc() on interruptions
0c40fbe riot: Be safer about disabling UART interruptions
15a8dc5 riot: Rework the GPIO part of the interrupt scheduler
e877922 HTTP-client: The key option in get-cookies and get-headers should have a default value.
372da8a Javascript: Use nodes to test the results.
0fdffd1 lib/power-supply: fix warning
2ce7ea5 samples: add some for power supply
8ddfb01 modules/power-supply: add some node types exposing power supply
5590e72 lib/power-supply: add API to get information about such supplies.
27a9787 samples/oic: don't let fixed types on conffiles
adc8cb7 board detect: Add missing comma in schema file
483217a util: 'sol_util_iterate_dir', change WRN to INF
ccd20bd platform: Fix typo in debug message
7b477f5 build: Allow the environment to define some standard build variables
1ae3e59 gpio: Reverse the interrupt edges when active_low is set
540f61d gpio: Add more documentation
7c6d205 gpio: Use uint32_t for GPIO
3781e7a datatypes: memmem() is not widely available
0cbdadd common: Missed conversion to uint32_t
981c98d gpio: SOL_GPIO_DIR_UNDEFINED no longer makes sense for us
0956dfa gpio: Fallback to polling on RIOT too if interruptions are not available
910ee6b riot: Malloc in interrupt context is bad enough.
0e9c223 gpio: Pass the read value on the event callback.
1f1b9ee HTTP-Server: Remove unnecessary nul byte.
13e7744 test: fix missing misusage of sol_fbp_log_print()
ed7c2e2 form: new string form node, with tests.
50d2c6e samples/grove: No need to explicitly link to used modules
ccd3dfb samples: Generate http-client and http-json samples
38569e5 app:argv: Not failing on open if index out of range
6f1af79 Fix undefined symbol
547674c Sol-HTTP: Do not resize the buffer if query params were not appended.
9bae102 Sol-HTTP-Client: Relax user and password requirements.
ef8b89b Sol-HTTP-Client: Properly parse the URL given from options and ports.
218e54a Sol-HTTP-Client: Split http content-type from accept.
8caafaf Sol-HTTP: Rename struct sol_http_param to struct sol_http_params and friends.
64d606d Sol-HTTP-Client: Avoid memory duplication.
f3c689d build: more bad obj dependency issues fixed.
2abe7e9 Build: Properly export makefile variables.
6589d3d Sol-HTTP: Properly handle URLs with a password and without user.
7e428e4 flow: Fix memory leak on initial packet
8b4128b iio: Check if sol_util_read_file has failed
318da89 oic:client: Silence coverity
0733cb2 Use vector del_last functions when possible
c30c1be Add del_last functions to vector and ptr_vector
3645e4d Add del_element functions to vector and ptr_vector
901aa1e sol-fbp: Add SOL_ATTR_PRINTF() to sol_fbp_log_print()
24a2aa9 allover: Disambiguate int size on public facing API
88a4232 file-reader: avoid file descriptor leak on open
0e68bbc common/platform-linux: free buffer instead of just fini()
14838ea modules/json: check for buffer errors on serialize function
a5a84c9 storage headers: Do not include sol-util.h
14bd6a4 Add a http + json sample
fc1caa4 Fix authentication in http client requests
121dd2d Fix: Return code not being set if sol_util_base16_decode() fails in sol_http_decode_slice().
f007a60 Fix: Wrong comparison.
f171583 fbp-generator: Fix leak reported by the address sanitizer
90a1bdf http: Missed cases of removing api_version for static builds
909d8aa Fix memory leak in message-digest test
ad5dcee flow:test: Increasing timeout
3e95a3e Fix segfault when request is triggered without setting an url
6f8aeba docs: Document mainloop and coap functions.
28c8bc2 json: Add nodes to create JSON using JSON path
e3917d6 Fix url in json documentation
43754d0 json: Fix boolean serialization in json create nodes
a2dd1ed Add missing element to validator in json-array test
5b6fb36 Support replacing already set values in json/object-create node
1d3b972 Flow: Add create-url node.
401c92b Sol-HTTP: Add an API to create and split URLs.
5f983c3 sol-str-slice: sol_str_slice_to_int() should use sol_util_strtol().
68cd8c6 HTTP: Replace "const char *" variables at sol_http_param_value to struct sol_str_slice.
cfbf5a4 Flow: Remove int size check in http-client.c
1a889de Sol-buffer: Fix buf->used not being updated at sol_buffer_resize().
defc3f0 sol-buffer: sol_buffer_steal() should return NULL if memory is not owned.
3c2b412 sol-str-slice: Add strcasecmp and contains functions
88f31b5 common/platform-linux: use "used" buffer value instead of sizeof
a7d4334 common/platform-linux: fix leaking on parse_mount_point_file error
9c7ba25 modules/json: check for buffer errors on serialize function
fbefd62 tests: count get responses before making a POST request
d12f85b Add a new form sample using the grove kit.
9fb91ba form: new int-custom form node, with tests.
1edd719 coap: reply from multicast packets was ignored after first reply
3545781 oic: Improve oic-client-scan demo
94b09ee sol-oic-gen: don't send duplicated ids on DEVICE_IDS port
fb182e1 sol-oic-gen: add DEVICE_ID port on clients
f45ce4d shared: fix warning on sol-util
007c88e tests: add tests for http server and client
0b34546 http-server: avoid double free on exit
b039721 linux-micro: automount
5d986dd linux-micro: implement kmod service
43d0632 linux-micro: uevent layer
de9dbd5 platform: introduce mount api
2d73513 linux-micro: fix sysctl directory traversal
74950ce file-reader: introduce sol_file_reader_from_fd() API
2d93745 platform: get rid of dummy impl
12f6df8 everything: Don't use api_version stuff on static builds
2cb073f flow: Fix 'unused variable' warning when no metatypes are built
e61c7a7 shared: Fix warning when building static
223cb7f build: Fix check-fbp-bin when Soletta is built statically
165d3de sol-oic-gen: add SCAN port on clients
03a8636 sol-oic-gen: don't hide errors on build
74cc1bf Fix indentation of monospaced text in README.md
0a22810 http:server: Add api to set pages for errors
9416f11 comms: Fix OIC server when not using DTLS
1b86e88 Build fix when building with upstream TinyDTLS
70d99f8 random: Unsigned 32-bit constants only need the 'U' modifier, not 'UL'
12cd8a9 random: Cleanse the random engine before freeing its memory
dc34ce9 comms: Pass sol_coap_server struct to handler callbacks
4f55a81 comms/oic-client: Teach OIC client about DTLS
1cb3911 comms/oic-server: Create DTLS server if available
47af15a comms/coap: Add API to create secured unicast servers
c5b3a20 comms: Add DTLS wrapper for sol_socket
660670b comms: Fix minimal style issue in socket-impl-linux.c
9846ee4 comms: Add TinyDTLS as a git submodule.
8c95fc0 comms: Virtualize sol_socket
b7e45d7 comms/sol-socket-linux: Use proper return value for recvmsg()
f81cd84 comms/oic-server: Always increase endpoint address
cc52ce9 Minnow samples: Update 'conffile' name
256498b board detect: Detect Minnows with updated firmware
d89eb44 board detect: Fix kernel version check for minnow
6dd4d34 log: Use 'null_check_msg' macros where is possible
d9f2321 resolver: Add warning about node not found
043e575 resolver: Improve warning about module not found
cb21553 resolver: Fix simple typo
33fd3ea log: Add custom warnings messages to 'null_checks'
ec438a8 persistence: Force sending packets on reset
33050da memmap-storage: Add per map write timeout
c38068d persistence: Add memmap persistence tests
3e48436 persistence: Async implementation
7c903b9 persistence: Update calamari sample to handle EEPROM initial value
71c2ff7 memmap-storage: Also considers 255 (0xff) as a non-value version
ae84428 memmap-storage: Assert read will fit on uint64_t
c1e0bde memmap-storage: Return error if could not resize buffer
c781d0f oauth: Fix possible memory leak
6abbb5f http:client:oauth: Add oauth v1 node
56be589 http:server: Get interface's address from a request
ae31ec6 http:server: Add namespace for static files
1fb3e92 http:server: Sanitize handlers
1fb836c http:server: Add the status code on body on error
358df2f linux-micro: attach a gdbserver if on debug mode
3aefa47 form: new int form node, with tests.
e2201c9 build: fix Makefile.gen being dependent on kconfig's .config file.
c058685 build: fix dependency chain for Soletta objects
b402edf crypto: Make message-digest-common on RIOT support worker threads
be86522 crypto: Add RIOT back-end
cab8901 common: Implement worker threads for RIOT
647d866 common: Add thread safety on RIOT
4e27279 common: RIOT's main() function takes no arguments
bbb4fd2 common: Use the correct variable to decide header inclusion
f147c21 flow: Silence 'maybe used uninitialized' warning on RIOT
3e0acb0 io: Silence 'unused variable' warnings on RIOT
0d6a3cf modules/http-server: always send packet when node state changes
2839d31 samples/http: let all samples with execute permission
622b345 samples/http-server: add samples for many paths
96468fd modules/http-server: support to define port
0709be9 build: If using debug build type, use port 8080 by default
beb04d3 Move function to convert unicode code to utf8 to sol-utils
a515d48 Add support for using sol_util_base16_decode when case is unknown
1706028 build: Be more permissive about extra-{c,ld}flags
cd45732 string: Do not link against ICU and PCRE libs if they are disabled
cf8dbb7 aio node: Update documentation
537e1c2 hw io nodes: Update nodes to use board labels
75d7d30 Add support to use board pin by it's label
8174241 pin-mux: Install 'sol-pin-mux.h'
e9b1e45 flow: remove options "drange" and "irange" for good
d243cd3 modules: drop usage of options "irange" and "drange"
9091a6c int/accumulator: If SET receives an invalid value, send an error packet
68bc39d flow: options parser shouldn't allow more subfields than expected
e8babe1 mqtt: Fix dependency check for libmosquitto
88d86a7 Use correct function to get members from composed packets
20153e5 http_client: Macro was calling method check_response twice
fb5d1ff Fix incorrect dependency name
8b48b0c Flow: Minor fixes for http-client/get-json.
506abb9 Sol-flow-composed: Fix typo.
918993e Flow: Add get-json http node.
08960bd modules: change many nodes regarding int options
db6f679 flow: add 'int' and 'irange-spec' option types
536158f flow: change 'int' option to 'irange'
c8f829f str-slice: implement trailing + leading whitespace helpers
4bb3958 samples: c-api samples should depend on flow
06cdde8 http:client: Fix PARAM_POST_DATA usage
13aa56c generator: it depends on flow, so enforce this dep
114cf12 modules: remove usage of drange option from float and converter
8289aae flow: add 'drange-spec' option - min / max / step
c0498ad modules/wave-generators: be less abortive
0b336cc modules: convert some types to use float opts
323a995 flow: add 'float' option - a single value
78979a8 flow: share max/min strings between node option functions
880b3f1 flow: change 'float' options to 'drange'
0100c3a Flow: Add http-request node.
2267d7d Sol-HTTP: Support more HTTP methods.
9e8eabe Add HTTP response packet type.
4be6824 Fix microhttpd cflags not being used in the Makefile.
ed93a6f form: new form/boolean node, for bool state selection (plus lcd output)
4cbe7d6 flow: only consider named descriptions
c3bcdef persistence: Avoid bad mem access when store_only_val opt is set.
c58a00e tests: change filter tests names and fix execution mode
3ac700a Fix memory leak in json convert node
c09f7c8 tests: Persistence tests that failed on valgrind are fixed now
ae0b05b float: New way to map drange values - no need for long double
9ccb878 http: Helper to escape strings
b20f01d http:client: call connection finish only when it's done
aef63dd comms:http: Add goto version of check api macro
03126d6 comms:http: Add status code used on redirect
7c1ce40 http:server: Fix wrong vector usage
8010abb http:server: Handle more http fields
8a63acb fbp-tests: Add TEST-DEPENDS-ON to run-fbp-tests
b0334e2 persistence: Show reason of error on logs
599ccdd Fix warning when building message-digest sample
4ee02ee modules/test: use "int" for time interval option
22df965 schemas: allow usage of special values for int / float when just val
a3da05e schema: break options and ports types arrays in lines
d34bd3c Change string/concatenate to support mulitple inputs
9ba68bf strings: Rename bytes option to chars in concatenate and compare
d6b3523 Add method to append and insert bytes to buffer
cb31165 Add nodes to create JSON objects and JSON arrays
d611fe5 sol-json: Add method to serialize JSON null types
77e647f Generator failed when connecting 2 nodes using composed types
13bbfcf Set packet type name to same name used when defining nodes
5a4182e Composed types needs to accept '-' in name
cb28442 Use table_str_ptr to look for strings, instead several ifs
8b57df5 Add nodes to extract data from JSON using JSON path
588dfff Ignore trailing spaces at the end of JSON elements in conversion
62ecd8b New use case in object-get-key test
58600ab shared: Don't set buffer flags before NULL-checking it
9743357 comms: Send multicast packets to all interfaces
2d9c012 modules/int: send results even if values don't differ
23cf728 modules/boolean: support multiple ports for "and" and "or"
5c9a896 tests: Use right amount of values in initializer
bb90dfb flow: Use proper format modifiers
b22f420 modules/converter: add string-to-json-[array|object]
45b2520 builders: test script now tries to compile test programs
bb515ed builders: sol -run-as-server fail if no valid platforms
0b894e1 Add test-builders script
76d1190 Add 'sol' tool
bc246ba Add RIOT platforms
009101e Add platform-test and common directories
34a87e1 Sol-flow-composed: small fixes.
ea4ce78 File writer: Add safety check after strdup().
57dc32e File writer: Do not send flow packets inside a worker thread.
b09f098 Sol-flow-composed: Properly init the "name" variable.
5f1a9f1 Get rid of legacy tool sol-flow-node-types.
3aaecc2 Soletta: because we know our own name 2
23c3a2d crypto: Default to OpenSSL on Linux
9ecbaee run-fbp-tests: use same path for fbps on runner and compiled tests
ba4ed53 Soletta: because we know our own name
bba21b5 parser: fix parsing of large integers on i686 systems.
e05849f JSON unescape of unicode chars to utf-8 was incorrect
30ccc90 Make composed types API similar to API for other packet types
d7d4dc9 Stub generated code was not getting composed types correctly.
837df15 timestamp: always check DST when assembling a time packet.
4623d2b flow: add new form/selector node, with tests.
82d48a1 util: introduce sol_{min/max} macros for general use.
991a578 test: add new string/generator node.
39928c2 buffer: add new sol_buffer_set_char_at() API, with tests.
3e56bf6 Fix overflow at sol_util_str_split().
94d4c39 style: Fix pre-processor spaces for indent levels
e1284e9 lcd: Add missing display options default values on grove/lcd-string too.
4d46083 lcd: Bump clear timeout to a safe value.
dfa6dd1 lcd: Treat '\n' chars properly.
62438ff common: Avoid warnings when building for RIOT
b452644 http-server: Fix docs typos
5f46bbd fbp-generator: Don't include memmap-storage header if not needed
1ade64b Sol-flow-builder: Add missing data types to get_member_aligment().
aea223c Sol-fbp-generator: Generate missing option values for nodes.
7fc8098 Sol-fbp-generator: Properly handle NaN and Inf float values.
9e5fd39 Sol-fbp-generator: Fix strndupa usage inside of a loop.
15e0de0 Sol-fbp-generator: Fix a memory leak and wrong function return type.
5df5200 Sol-fbp-generator: Fix memory leak.
ff54de3 lcd: unrotten grove/lcd* nodes.
7aae981 i2c: fix 2 wrong return values.
402e000 generator: Fix memory leak
5cd9988 boad detection: Add rule for BCM2708
5d331b0 board detection: Fix invalid char in minnow name
5271458 message-digest: add unit test.
c60af1b message-digest: check if last chunk was already fed.
3f3e298 message-digest/linux-kcapi: fix leak reported by coverity.
edbd552 crypto/message-digest: add common infrastructure, improve non-threaded.
40ffeae Revert "disable semaphore-monitor-console since it is not supported by fbp generator."
e87fc24 Sol-fbp-generator: Add support to OPTIONS in conjunction with DECLARE fbp meta-type.
4cc5cb0 Sol-fbp-Generator: Properly handle direction-vector options.
82fd232 flow: Use portable format modifiers
4480631 samples: add md5sum
3328e26 crypto/message-digest: add openssl implementation.
526ef78 add src/lib/crypto and sol-message-digest
75900c1 shared/file-reader: add helper to convert to blob.
0ed9448 util: add missing const qualifiers.
00fa51f http:server: Document the api
ca799bc flow: Fail opening of gpio/reader if no edge mode is set
4e02635 io: Be more flexible with input GPIOs
a445b17 flow:http:server: Re-factoring init/shutdown
0c11b35 comms:flow:http: Add node to serve static files
cebd3f0 http:server:static Fix remove dir function
b88a278 flow: add base16 encode and decode nodes.
b8c6103 buffer: add base16 helpers.
84ab240 util: add base16 encoder and decoder.
9b55c5f flow: Default GPIO reader to trigger events on press/release
778e982 flow:http:client: Add uuid header
d3df671 platform: Cache machine id info
2ee445e platform: Cache serial number info
71737a2 util: Do not export struct sol_uuid
dd2353b build: cleanup
7bfe97f datatypes: Make room for the nul char at the end of the string
ca9bf59 test-str-slice: fix memory leak
74d0c2a sol_blob: Improve SOL_BLOB_TYPE_NOFREE comment
c55cf78 Add extra nodes to handle JSON object and JSON array
7c7a5e7 sol-json: Create better method for extracting JSON strings
65d131f Sol-fbp-generator: Add support for generating code for meta types.
5406afe Flow meta types: Add support for code generation.
c01cdca Composed meta-type: Add support for json packets.
bd2f533 Composed meta-type: Improvements.
942b13f http:client: Fix memory leak
636eb34 json: Add helpers to serialize basic types
a3a7bd1 modules/flower-power: Initialize variable
65b7d53 util: fix align_power2_* macros' shift operation.
63dbdd5 flow: Add assembly pictures to grove-kit samples
10378f2 flow: fix base64 node open due coverity issue.
71a973b flow: add converter/blob-to-string
90f9962 flow: add include_null_terminator option to converter/string-to-blob
e0daf73 disable semaphore-monitor-console since it is not supported by fbp generator.
8fcc731 util: fix bugs with base64.
44a8702 base64 decoder: fix typo in the documentation.
7382003 board detection: Add rules for minnowboard max
ddeba56 samples: add semaphore-monitor.
93eeab2 sol-fbp-generator: translate names to C symbols.
86521e2 flow: add base64 encode and decode nodes.
e140b65 buffer: add base64 helpers.
cab3627 util: add base64 encoder and decoder.
18e58ea sol_buffer: Fix append_printf function bug
0f0e937 persistence: Add sample of EEPROM memmap storage persistence
ce1c72e memmap-storage: Allow instructions to create an i2c device on sysfs
53665a5 persistence: Save ending NUL on strings.
be1864f sol-str-slice: Helper function to get a string from a slice
afd48ea int/accumulator: New option and port
7655350 generator: Fix memmap generation
5e28adb blob: Add helper to print string blobs
4b904f5 test, shared, modules: Fix compiler warnings when building with -O3
399b5af http:client: Avoid segfault
8c73c7b coherence: Add -impl infix to all specific implementation files
bb99605 http-client: Allow custom data to be sent on POST
5bb1e98 flow:http:server: Re-factoring the nodes
9aab473 buffer: Add helper to insert a single char
683c962 buffer: Add helper to append a single char
04a1838 util: Function to replace a string
f0076f3 comms:http:server: Fix memory leak
8005745 util: Ensure align_power2() works with things other than uint
b3a5a28 util: Return UINT_MAX if left_zeros <= 1
897ea54 oic: Various fixes when using flow based programming
2dd969d oic-gen: don't include internal headers
6e7651b flow: Do not use strndupa() for large string slices
755395b modules/int: fix division sigfpe
2d93ea0 modules/switcher: keep last received packet at each port
387956d Flow: Create composed meta-types.
5707bb2 Fbp Scanner: Read declare contents until the end of the line.
55a27dd Flow: Export an API to duplicate sol_flow_packets.
4d014c5 Flow: Add Composed packet type.
997e24b Flow: Fix sol_flow_packet_new() crash for String packets.
f65fc1e Add node to get json elements from JSON objects
1d899fd Add conversors from blob to json packets
963805f Introduce json-object and json-array packet types
cc51f0e Create a public blob type that doesn't free memory
d1bc9c1 Change functions names to avoid clash of symbols with RIOT.
6276c97 Build fix after 4a5e6572
5dc5b63 comms/oic-client: Support multiple resources on discovery packets
2ced375 comms/oic-server: Filter resources by resource type on discovery
3b33b35 comms/oic-client: Implement discovery timeout to avoid race condition
3f9ff1e comms/oic-client: Use random message IDs
1bee183 sol-coap: Remove deprecated sol_coap_packet_get_buf()
ec118e3 coap: Remove OC_CORE and OBSERVABLE flags
4a5e657 flow/oic: Update node type generator to work with current OIC implementation
f302adf # This is a combination of 2 commits. # The first commit's message is:
151bbeb sol-coap: Allow unregistering resources
5665543 common: sol_platform_get_os_version() should return a const char*
439a5b9 flow: Pass bus via options in grove-lcd nodes
faca8d9 flow: Add desktop version of Grove-kit samples
81f1286 flow: Add configuration file to handle Edison ...
26a40ae flow: Make grove-kit samples board independent
48740fb riot: Fix build
0ecabdd shared: Put the conditional in the right place
c420375 comms:http:server: Support to serve static files
25f706d flow:network: Fix wrong vector usage
20b7bae modules/gtk: add dummy options to make them compatible with hw
4fe8d16 modules/gtk: add pwm-viewer options
7a7b760 flow/string-format: Also ensure that precision == 0 is valid
97b248e flow/string-format: Don't crash if precision is 0
633a702 Do not use alloca() with user-supplied sizes
a293855 mqtt: Allow user and password to be set
db84f50 http:client: Move http-client-generic.fbp to samples
8c7a214 Add HTTP generic nodes.
932afba timestamp/time: have the option of sending an initial packet.
0db7ee1 pinmux: In Intel Edison, the correct i2c bus is 6
44f4aa1 Use proper address sanitizer depending on the library type to be built.
aa06ff6 pinmux: Reinforce write value because of reuse
7299e34 Fix Kconfig structure for IIO.
d1e9329 modules/app: use new error_packet functions
5fadb28 flow: sol-util is not exported
3c0a1e2 build: enable intree relative path
8c09e32 modules/app: add node types to handle enviroment vars
7835c2e Fix build after 346bfcf0.
346bfcf flow/file: Fix segmentation fault while sending error packet
72ca37c flow: Sanitize app name when searching conffile
5794103 flow: Fix string corruption in sol-conffile.c
4975b55 buffer: Fix heap overflow when ensuring empty buffer is NUL-terminated
321ee58 buffer: Fix use after free if buffer is resized to 0
665fb21 modules/test: avoid unnecessary strdup on int-validator
e242646 modules/test: always return -errno on open() errors
dee53d8 modules/test: avoid leaks on string and int validator
d9373c7 modules/test: add generator and validator for byte packet type
59bf2b7 datatypes/sol-vector: support to initialize ptr_vector with n elems
79fb5e7 modules/gtk: add gtk widget to represent led 7 segments
6f30da6 build: make sure we copy cheat-sheet resources
1e6377e node-type-gen-html: replace the " on descriptions
dacb69c flow/test: Fix crash in float-validator
ed59836 build: Make the samples depend on all the modules too
c5059a9 samples: No need to explicitly link to used modules
57bca65 samples: Use modules helper
def7704 samples: Remove pointless check
d5243f9 tests: Use modules helper for test-flow
e2babec build: check-fbp-bin no longer needs to link to the every module
ce390ee flow: Use helper modules in node-types that depend on others
95f4755 fbp-generator: Use modules helper for generated code
45548bc flow: Add helper to get node types from modules
0fb36da fbp-generator: Make valgrind happier
d6ab3bc generator: add some rationale doc regarging overall design
dda987e generator: it doesn't actually rely on descrption
79ab6c6 fix size_t formatting on 32bits machines.
00ec20e tests: update gitignore
70a3e62 modules/persistence: fix string leak
162b5cb flow: fix issues when node type desc is not enabled
673d701 conffile: Fix memory leak
3446ca8 http:client: Fix multiple requests
197cdf2 http:client: Rename variable on connection_finish
cc34b7e flow: Add string tests for the ascii backend
0a48771 flow: Fix error message on icu string replace code
6ed9ec1 flow: Make easier to idenfity tests that need icu
e174d41 flow: Make easier to identify tests that need pcre
fa4b21e converter node: send error packet on bad boolean string.
6ffdd6b conffile: implement fallback lookup
54d89b3 persistence: FBP tests
b343635 persistence: Sanitise irange/drange values
c28fdf6 flow/test: string-validator node type
b7e9e4b run-fbp-tests: New directives for tests
14fb255 sol-fbp-runner: Support for json memory maps
e6c445c sol-fbp-generator: Support for json memory maps
5361414 sol-conffile: Support to memory map entry
029e354 io: New persistence storage, memmap.
3128fbe io: Move storage files to lib/io
80f0017 persistence: C API to ease use of persistence features from C code
cd34b34 persistence: Allow node to persist only 'val' member of ranged structs
6908b50 persistence: Ensure no leaks on failure
9ecfc9c persistence: Fix off-by-one allocation
28645f1 persistence: Make write buffer const on sol_[fs|efivars]_write_raw
49a76b0 efivars-storage: Fix path check function used
19f789c sol-util-file: sol_util_fill_buffer now honours NO_NUL_BYTE flag
4c792c7 iio: Move to lib/io
803fcbe comms:http:client: Basic drange node
49a76c6 comms:http:client: Basic irange node
0627b84 comms:http:client: Basic string node
8aaa733 comms:http:client: Basic boolean node
94ce356 parsers:json: Fix get double behaviour
63156ac comms:http:server: Handle strtod errors properly
93ac3ac comms:http:server: Add debug information for tests
ebe041f flow:keyboard: Fix int interface
5e634cc parsers:json: Use %g on snprintf
32d2089 json: Validate parameter on public function
0316dd1 pin-mux: Keep track of open gpios...
e538eac strings: new node string/is-empty, with tests.
6933d29 test-fbp: enable some disabled tests
d4da8e4 Fix linux-dummy after changes on os_version() stuff.
e85992a strings: yet more doc fixing.
63af1ab strings: more documentation fixing.
aca5111 Fix some typos on string nodes json.
bb98e55 strings: Fix some typos on json docs.
40cd0c4 strings: add string/slice node, with tests.
2ba6eb4 Use uname(2) on get_os_version.
bc183f9 sol-oic-gen: explain how files should be named on help
e8eb3bd sol-oic-gen: support having names different from oic
3061ed0 sol-oic-gen: drop unnecessary, not exported headers
a37c527 sol-oic-gen: fix names regarding "-" and "_"
e967540 build: install oicgen script
ca72ef7 pin-mux: Fix when dynamic modules aren't available
c994f70 pin-mux: Fix Intel Edison pin mux module
a6aa039 pin-mux: modules refactoring
d3c1460 build: make it possible to reuse objects inter-modules
0e67c99 build: Stop creating builtins.json
5c1d193 JSON: Use SPDX identifier for BSD-3-Clause
17bf183 check-license: Ignore config files, fix DIFF_LIST
008f53d json: Add missing 'schema' to config files
4f1dca0 comms:http:client: Fix possible race-conditions
04911ce comms:http:client: connection->error can be lost
646233f comms:http:client: Fix possible segfault
75483cb comms:http:client: Fix curl's time callback
6b16b08 Minor fix in sol_buffer_copy documentation
d053be7 Minor fix in MQTT description
a1adfd1 MQTT: Add samples to mqtt
11280a8 MQTT: Add mqtt to supported comms
5f2a5c5 sol-buffer: Add buffer copy helper function
9c88e59 sol-buffer: Add helper for constant initialization
b707598 Revert "comms:http: Ugly hack to make async response works"
17cb353 comms:http:server: Bumping microhttpd version
33230a3 flow: support receiving scaped suboptions keys
3ae89db fbp-parser: allow usage of "-" on identifiers
d1aacf0 fbp-parser: print wrong statement on error
7e2efb3 get_libname(): resolve possible symlink returned by dladdr().
d495f22 build: [samples] add all used dependencies
e60903a tests: Let flow tests use the default resolver, not just builtin
afa605b flow: Don't assume that all ids can be resolved
99474c4 flow: Put wave-generator node-types in the float namespace
580c1ee samples/oic: create server side and add it to build
079af40 samples/http-server: add samples to build
a759e55 samples/unix-socket: fix samples and add them to build
f63c5b9 build: support fbp dependency on samples build
56c5306 samples/galileo-led: remove multiplication node
c03a9c1 samples/io: Fix sample and add it to build
feb0e05 flow: Include generated node-type header before internal ones
8f05bd9 io: Add SOL_API to sol-aio functions
51a6a04 generator: Use the right type name for float options
3f4b8e2 build: check-fbp-bin rule should place the mods in the end
8bda038 comms:http:server: Set minimal microhttpd's version
a7abc32 riot: Implement machine_id, serial number and OS version
6b70038 Remove warnings when building for platforms !Linux
bc7038a shared: Move UUID generation functions to plain sol-util
65dce76 linux-micro: Don't add hyphens to the generated UUID
362cec7 modules/byte: add comparison node types
b889b7a samples: enable build of foosball sample
bc4117a fbp-generator: refactor add_fbp_type_to_type_store
f5973d5 fbp-generator: check if exported names were alloced
f2ee2d0 fbp-generator: only set array size if whole array was exported
9526fdc fbp-generator: Fix port index of exported ports
805e88c fbp-generator: add warning and dbg messages
03bf358 fbp-generator: fix names comparisons on exported ports
d31570d sol-oic-client: Send messages with random tokens
2fd84d3 oicgen: Use device identifier for OIC devices instead of MAC addresses
46c3f29 sol-json: Add function to create a string slice from a token
b910018 oicgen: Use alloca() instead of VLA for escaped strings
80bc155 sol-oic-server: Indent APPEND_KEY_VALUE and OIC_SERVER_CHECK macros
0092940 comms/oic-server: Query platform for machine ID
6bbaf24 oicgen: Use a single props_are_equivalent() function
f4cc5cd oicgen: Initialize multicast address only once
139d27a oicgen/sol-oic-client: Set client/resource API version in structs
78717f4 pc: update description + add nodedescriptionpath
c28abe9 comms:http: Ugly hack to make async response works
0f47c95 flow:comms:http:server: Add drange type
c628cde flow:comms:http:server: Set last-modified value
af75fc0 comms:http:server: Add support for last-modified
bd9ff79 flow:comms:http:server: Return json
116e677 flow:comms:http:server: Add irange node
ba62dbe flow:comms:http:server: Add string node
3a44b23 flow:comms:http:server: Add boolean node
dc36934 comms:http: server implementation
8eec7ab comms:http: Improve macro that checks response api version
8465345 comms:http: Add an invalid method
8d17b69 comms:http: Add macro to iterate param
2616eaa comms:http: Add macro to init sol_http_param
47b4c6b comms:http: Add params to response structure
a0dfb04 comms:http: Add enum with most used status codes
5d82803 comms:http: Separate the common code
1ba0065 json: Add helper function to convert double to string
255430a json: Add helper function to escape a string
db8834c Fix make doc rule errors and add some groups.
b2c68bf cheat-sheet: generate cheat-sheet files within build/ dir
9be843b doxygen: generate doxygen files in build/stage dir
8257928 comms/http-client: destroy connection after calling cb
4852ead modules:flow:location: Fix module's name
ebcfb01 Add missing obj type for machine-id linux-micro module.
4d1d879 modules/led-7seg: fix memory illegal access
5f1d855 samples: add calamari and iio samples to build
193258b samples: fix build (many samples were wrong)
59faf2a samples: make all flow samples executable
31e3a87 samples/led-string: fix wrong usage of options
a183360 flow:http: Build http nodes as module by default
5293f12 flow:freegeoip: Fix for build it shared
5b81267 flow:string:ascii: Fuix unintialized variable
df1bc31 flow:string:icu: Fix unintialized variable
c26b22c network:linux: Handle EINTR error
4d4ee81 network:linux: Fix netlink requests
73565c6 network:linux: Read the entire message at once
92aa5ed modules/led-7seg: add node type that convert chars to bytes
9746521 modules/led-7seg: add node type for general 7 segments leds
3a584f0 script/stub-gen: fix headers include
9286278 modules/calamari: use format 'abcdefgX' for 7seg byte port
aee5c2e modules/switcher: add timestamp switcher
9f4827f modules/switcher: support switching input ports
cc6a28a samples/calamari: add sample for led 7seg using segments
94cf5a8 mainloop: allow flags to be set on fd watch
16b4a76 glib: add helper functions to convert flags
e1d652e build: introduce make check-fbp-bin target
66771b0 test fbp's: mark skipping tests
1ac5e5c run-fbp-tests: random changes and improvements
26a08d6 Update kconfig help for string module.
a8be958 Add new string/{starts,ends}-with nodes, with tests.
38e32a8 Report ENOMEM errors properly and remove bogus checks.
2c3dfed Make icu/pcre appear after string nodes entry and depend on them.
c9a3ad1 pwm: Don't try to change polarity when not needed
286afb4 build: link to static libasan
0727660 flow:string:regexp: Remove warning
9c5b191 Make string-format module use sol_buffers.
b3a0a52 Introduce sol_buffer_set_slice_at().
202bff1 build: add -lasan ldflags
9ac5603 modules/gtk: turn led on in function setup()
c2c1bf7 flow: options parser shouldn't be looking for a substring
4e6e900 flow: initialize node options with node type's default
0b2ee83 flow: remove RECAP macros weirdness from options parser
da8e575 flow: just use a dbg message if fails to parse direction-vector
8e3c63d tests: add timeout tests for int/buffer and boolean/buffer
4b63385 modules: support circular buffer on int/buffer and boolean/buffer
af4d99c modules: avoid invalid access to memory on buffer
7404bb8 modules: just warn and change wrong options to default on buffer
773c62e modules/boolean: set default number of samples on buffer
2c01b74 modules: really skip wrong timeout values on buffer
8c7431c build: fix initial-service file name
857edca build: re sort generated header files
1998d00 build: don't compute module's type
34ddf12 shared/rng: Rename sol_rng_engine to sol_random
f875cad sol-buffer: Add SOL_BUFFER_FLAGS_NO_NUL_BYTE flag
e4394f5 common: Add SOL_ATTR_PURE function attribute
e173855 Fix limited string size reads with sol_util_read_file() calls.
06e5e8e Fix get_machine_id on systemd platform.
3e78c87 board-detect: split from linux and allow optional detection.
bce30c6 linux-micro: allow starting initial services even if not PID1.
1bfc344 AUTHORS: update file
8172964 build: cleanup static modules
3090e04 persistence: Fix resource leak
32d13ad Fix style so that the bot shuts up.
c1f2f88 Fix bad access on sol_rng.
47336de Rename some test nodes that were wrong due to c&p.
70b4ea7 Introduce platform getters for os/sw version and serial number.
1639101 Try to pass the proper process exit status on platform linux's cb.
16b7daf Add new UUID nodes and linux-micro service.
d57a384 Exercize seed=0 on random nodes.
cada084 Fix linux-micro bluetooth service's start routine.
fa46575 doc: add documentation for gpio
a571cbe modules/grove: fix rotary-sensor packet range
db16c65 shared: Introduce sol-rng, a Random Number Generator API
7393eef build: reintroduce the initial-services
ef605af modules/float: share data and functions between node types
dc8162a modules: use node_type on float and trigonometry modules
9abc951 modules/int: share data and most of process function between node types
033692a modules/int: use node_type to set specific functions
9ab9357 modules/int: reuse some function between node types
23f1e87 modules/converter: support format option on timestamp-to-string
2e04405 modules/converter: add converters between string and timestamp
549b7d5 tests: add test for wallclock module
50d3c94 modules/timestamp: add node type to calculate delta
6b7d59e modules/timestamp: add comparison node types
3cdbee9 modules/wallclock: add node types for month and year
b1738b7 modules/timestamp: add nodes for mktime and localtime
d7c5c2e node-gen: add macro to mark last port and last array ports
14b5bca modules/timestamp: add node type to get current time
b5c508e stub-gen: fix dummy node type descriptions
ea5d628 modules/wallclock: fixes regarding localtime_r()
c4feee1 modules/flower-power: use timestamp packet
fda49da flow: add timestamp packet type
935ebee oicgen: Use argparse instead of positional arguments
31a5520 flow: fs node transform into persistence node - with efivars
82d1994 sol-util-file: sol_util_load_file_fd_string() to read a file descriptor
5709a6f sol-util-file: Fix sol_buffer_at_end usage
295f6f3 sol-util-file: Remove useless variable
fd274c9 build: remove "repeated" rules for builtin .h
4d0f245 template.py: implement include and global sharing
4766414 build: simplify builtin detection
d32428f fbp-runner: display error message if fbp isn't found
aac2ffb modules/flow: fix buffers on int and boolean regarding operations
ab77c9a tests: add test for 'mean' operation of int/buffer
e5f7e1e run-fbp-tests: UTF8 and verbose option
11e19a9 scripts/gen-release-note: use markup to paste it on github
bf5c00d scripts/gen-release-note: support options to fetch "closed after"
9b05da1 dep-resolver: let the users overwrite project's definitions
3b5e576 build: bring back soname and generage libsoletta.so.$(MAJOR)
004aaba README: semaphoreci.com/solettaproject
33dabe3 AIO setup was never called because of incorrect ifdef check
24daf5b pin-mux: Fix missing 'hole' in Edison AIO vector
cdc1504 sanitizing the init() functions
523e5d1 generator: Fix segfault
b57aed0 runner: Fix -I option
cae6f50 Remove wrong \n terminators on error strings of error packets.
9024c4a Add string/regexp-replace node, with tests.
f8d15fe Make string/replace option to generate error on no matches.
8e3cb6f Fix sanitizer run-time error and bad node naming on sample fbp.
d97adb1 build: properly unquote CONFIG_CFLAGS and CONFIG_LDFLAGS
69f00c9 modules/gtk: set min width for labels
abd6331 build: fix requires-private
f420a84 Add -I option to sol-fbp-runner
7c7e7da flow/random: Use random_r() if available
662515a flow/random: Initialize random seed with platform-specific methods
7b6a775 flow/random: Store state as `unsigned int` to avoid UB in 32-bit
f842532 build: make sure we reset obj-*-[y,m] variables
1446f1c Fix typo
3a13473 comms: Very simplistic port of sol-socket for RIOT
e8bd3f7 comms: Identify interfaces by their controlling thread pid
1424f3e comms: Turn sol-socket into a very simple BSD sockets wrapper
cd15d1c comms: Avoid registering a CoAP observer more than once
6ac92fe comms: Portably check endianness
ef245a7 comms: Add sol_network_addr_from_str
5d89b95 comms: Adapt, again, to RIOT API name changes
0930076 comms: OIC client is not using ioctl, so don't include the header.
ecb9c9d flow: Fix building when sizeof(int) != sizeof(int32_t)
1c1402d Use the actual project's domain for the mailing list address
7832cc5 build: [linux-micro] remove module's prefix
bc62b31 build: module's id should be composed with subdir
89922d3 build: parse-mod-* should not know about $(mod)
8c3991f sol-iio: Read channel value file into a int64_t variable
dbcbae8 sol-iio: Read channel raw buffer
efc22ac sol-iio: Fix attribution
c47511f sol-util-file: Ensure no overflows when filling buffer
b37442e sol-util-file: Dead code and check function return
3283528 Cache sol_flow_packet_get_type return
6c8b4c6 modules/console: send error packet
3692259 modules/console: clean up process function
1d074ca fbp-generator: fix potentially use of unitialized variable
eefbbe4 build: Use encoding=UTF-8
0b0d12f build: turn optional the use of rpath
1069974 build: compiler options
54c5a88 Add -I option to sol-fbp-generator
31b8ab4 build: add success msg if stub generator is fine
7f384d6 stub-gen: support location packet type
5077352 flow: remove location as option
ee877f7 Remove old tests-fbp directory
719ef81 build: move test outputs to build dir
90af0e9 Fix coverage report
0167fee gpio: fix missing header
8ca68fa comms/http-client: rename sol_http_client_pending as connection
7638a44 modules: cancel pending requests on close()
235fbb3 comms/http-client: pass connection when calling request cb
d1ef142 modules/flower-power: on float read fail, mark value as NAN
240c1e1 modules/flower-power: use sensor ranges and improve documentation
987d614 modules/flower-power: properly expose measures thresholds
0208f31 modules/flower-power: drop API to handle packets passing components
4e34437 Wallclock: Add option to send initial packets.
914611e fbp-generator: fix options handling
b3401ae iio-gyroscope: Using new IIO API to find a device
e29347c sol-iio: List of commands to find/create IIO device on sysfs
6660bd3 sol-i2c[-linux]: Function to create a new i2c device on sysfs
96fffc2 sol-util-linux: sol_util_iterate_dir - a helper to iterate over dirs
329fbd1 comms: Fix unreachable code
e416a43 comms: Fix wrong function's extern signature
0ffe9ff datatypes/vector: fix memset arithmetics
446bc7e flow: make JS metatype a module
ded44e1 flow: add support for metatype modules
eb87333 flow: don't use flow internals in JS
3bd401e flow: decouple type creator functions from sol-flow-parser
ae1a3d4 flow: rename 'kind' to 'metatype'
cc8a348 test: use a table of inputs/outputs
c065eeb shared: add sol_lib_loader
63a3e93 build: function that decides mod type shouldn't rely only of prefix
d4d9f0f build: split static and shared lib build
af63bff Make it possible for the user to disable libpcre dependency lookup.
839b065 build: sol_config.h should be regenerated with .config-cache
dde57f3 platform: fix handling failures when adding a new service monitor.
e23c91b build: add Requires.private to soletta.pc
4674131 Fix make samples
7032b46 build: make sure we've kconfig/conf built
3baae03 Add a trash disposer flow application
d1832c1 sol-network-linux: Fix segfault on sol_buffer usage
f392f4e Add new string/regexp-search node, with tests.
41e7617 Fix misusage of sol_flow_send_error_packet WRT sign of error code.
62c328b Fix some format strings.
dd71220 sol-conffile: Remove quotes from strings
9674834 parsers/json: add function to drop quotes from tokens
4b44e45 sol-util-file: sol_util_fill_buffer() now works with sol_buffer
e25b1ca sol-buffer: New helper functions to work with sol_buffer
8b76538 comms:http:client: Make possible cancel a request
18a7369 tools/run-fbp-tests: support python 2 and 3
dffc771 modules: use SOL_JSON_TOKEN_STR_LITERAL_EQ on http client modules
b96bf27 modules/byte: check return value of packet_get_byte
a80200d modules: fix float and int modules regarding signedness
53192ed sol-types: add macros to initialize irange and drange
9470378 sol-http-client: add macro to check response API version
0093fb1 sol-iio: Make creation of sysfs triggers more reliable
baaf18d fbp-generator: add missing clear for args.json_files
2a49cdc fbp-generator: move conf file access check to parse_args
064c2e8 fbp-generator: associate type_description directly with node
b1f0e8b fbp-generator: use the version define inside generated code
9b5eb36 fbp-generator: reorder and cleanup includes
c36cef2 fbp-generator: use sol_buffer
bc2a920 fbp-generator: isolate the code from how we output
6a2df37 fbp-generator: better error message for unsupported DECLARE
b084198 fbp-generator: improve the -s option
46d5d7c fbp-generator: don't repeat calls to init_type()
876e24f fbp-generator: clean up the information collection
87188f5 modules/float: fix operations with more than 2 ports
d106e71 modules/int: fix operations with more than 2 ports
0eaa532 datatypes: make vector initialize memory to zero
83f7e99 datatypes: add sol_vector_append_n()
f08dcf9 datatypes: make grow accept an amount
d90e737 build: build/gen everything out of src dir
193df76 gtk: make the window scrollable
f3f390c linux-micro/network-up: depends on NETWORK.
7839df0 modules/temperature: add converter node type
db4eeb7 modules: standardize temperature ports
c6dcfe5 build: add warning message support
2a301d9 sol-missing: split IFLA_INET6_MAX and IFLA_INET6_ADDR_GEN_MODE.
7b4c771 sol-missing: automatically included.
42d3210 dependencies: relax _GNU_SOURCE check.
27dc036 http-client-curl: fix errors when using cURL's type-check.
47d7b43 log-linux: casts on pthread_t to work on musl.
a08d859 wallclock: fix comparison of signed and unsigned.
34b0178 dep-resolver: log dependency tests
15fd992 build: generate soletta.pc on build time
da5a3f3 build: don't recursively call silentoldconfig
b9a045f build: make sure we have .config before anything
b4497d4 check-license: ignore makefiles
af12e84 fbp-generator: fix missing check when appending vector
3d9a2b0 modules/flower-power: support None as value for measures
a203c97 modules/flower-power: add sensor information
7999f63 fbp-generator: minor formatting fix in generated code
9451481 fbp-generator: remove extraneous quotes from option values
00c8f1f fbp-generator: don't repeat includes
233f70f build: Add duktape submodule hash reference
6ea3415 flow: replace get_ports_counts callback with the counts
057ba55 test: move packet initialization to init_type
b58db00 node-type-gen: move packet initialization to init_type
dc90b88 docs: Add link to build requirements
33bdd42 git-init-submodule: get rid of it
42c2fd5 duktape: change the submodule settings to use mirror
2373782 build: remove submodules knowledge
83eff3c duktape: use the external source detection infra
ce0b03c build: support out-of-tree modules source code
5d4486a dep-resolver: add filesystem lookup
b396ef5 dep-resolver: reformat dependencies.json
91450e6 log: Fix the build when log is disabled
25103c7 fbp-runner: allow pass options to the root node type
dd0e95f fbp-runner: add -t option to run a node type
88882b0 fbp-runner: improve the names of simulation nodes
ec19446 fbp-runner: tweak the nodes used for simulation
4611860 flow: only sort connections in builder if needed
9bbdbfa gtk: teach label how to count empty packets
7c68e6c gtk: add PRESSED and RELEASED ports to pushbutton
82ceccb gtk: less arbitrary defaults for spinbutton
32655ca Fix invalid usage of function.
33ed16f modules/string: SSIZE_MAX not available on RIOT
d75bf1b Simplify variable assign
d56e84a Color: Send ERROR packets and test them
64a47a9 Calamari: Send error packet on invalid range
06c48cf Byte: send an ERROR packet on invalid shift-right
b123e59 Byte: Send ERROR packet on invalid shift left
f398a74 Boolean Buffer Timeout: discard invalid timer
2e68930 AIO: Send error packets
ab06c0c moduels/am2315: depends on I2C
b474626 build: bring back flto flags
094fe3c build: [sanitizer] add sanitizer ldflags
c4f7000 dependencies: Check libudev minimum version
8eae928 nodes: AM2315 temperature/humidity sensor
4157352 module string: Add USE_ICU
3c6aa6d module string: avoid ifdef
b0ddce7 network: Fix memory alignment on 32bits
5404953 build: make sure we have Makefile.gen before actually building
605718d wallclock: fix next() return type and don't pass unused args to open()
8645aa7 wallclock: add node types wallclock/timeblock
0eba854 tests: add wallclock test
601682d modules/wallclock: remove close() wrappers
4846874 build: Use sd-journal only if systemd enabled
60170fe build: Platfor linux not link with systemd
c07ce9e sol-util: start using sol-util-$(PLATFORM)
1e6ad8b sol-util: rename sol-util-linux to sol-util-file
59644a5 Fix coverity error report on linux-micro/console.
c1d6641 Fix wrong size on allocation.
abc7c1f scripts: add script to generate release notes
5b0ed53 Remove wrong header inclusion.
07838f3 sol-buffer: add sol_buffer_insert_printf()
7578603 sol-buffer: add sol_buffer_insert_slice()
3e395bb sol-buffer: add sol_buffer_at() and sol_buffer_at_end()
921b68d sol-buffer: add sol_buffer_get_slice_at()
5640f5a sol-buffer: check for size_t overflows.
cf6a516 sol-util: fix overflow-check return type.
0cb448a sol-buffer: add sol_buffer_get_slice()
2b9f127 sol-buffer: add sol_buffer_append_printf().
5f8b5fd buffer: allow buffers using memory that is not owned by it.
6f79a98 Fix some string formats for int32_t.
ed467a4 Move ICU helper macros into functions.
770dd6e Make sanitize depend on Linux
9ab6cc2 Exercise some utf8 chars on the string converter nodes.
d090c52 Code style fix.
45e166a Add string/replace node, with ascii and ICU variants.
23bde9c Add new sol_util_ssize_mul() overflow checking function.
44cabd3 string-icu: Memory issues
c12a596 flow: Fix memory leak in sol_flow_send_error_packet
08ee76f flow: Don't do double frees after calling sol_flow_send_packet
6fc5890 flow: packet is not deleted when send call fails
ea72c2d Fix build on RIOT
e185b20 build: Enable flow for RIOT
a84a4e6 flow: Make udev, gtk and icu also depend on Linux
3052f8d flow: Account for sizeof(int) != sizeof(int32_t)
3f1430e flow: Make sure we don't miss definitions on the ARM build
b29fad7 build: Rename FLOW option to avoid conflicts when building RIOT
3185b7e build: Ensure that node-types have their correct dependencies
b7d83dc unix-socket: Use sol_util_fill_buffer instead of read()
c109406 subprocess: Use sol_util_fill_buffer instead of read()
4679b82 stdin: Use sol_util_fill_buffer instead of read()
48d4eab keyboard: Use sol_util_fill_buffer instead of read()
8807624 evdev: Use sol_util_fill_buffer instead of read()
ef0c899 sol-uart-linux: Use sol_util_fill_buffer instead of read()
f0e2ca1 sol-network-linux.c: Use sol_util_fill_buffer instead of read()
cc838b4 sol-util-linux: Make size_read parameter of sol_util_fill_buffer optional
523cb52 Add a test for invalid shift operation
9b86558 Disable sanitize for dukttape
ab2dff3 we are dealing with unsigned numbers, not signed.
bb0426d Don't shift left negative numbers
940d7f1 Do not memcpy null
dd847f3 Valgrind : make it possible to ignore some tests
d0f2415 test: improve test-mainloop-linux
326e41f tools: fix missing space between variables
ec00782 comms/http-client: avoid leak of headers
ce963da modules/flower-power: fix token leak
8f3e242 sol-http: Fix leaking memory when the client exits
0afcb49 sol-vector: Add sol_ptr_vector_remove()
cb6a1ac Contiki: Fix undeclared SSIZE_MAX
a871bb6 Converter: Rename MIN and MAX macros
b132c9e Build fix on systems that don't have strndupa()
eb916cc Only build flow Javascript support on Linux
f4daeaa Only build flow node description and inspector when platform can build runnable programs
8f949c3 Only build keyboard node when compiling to Linux
7e4802a Add missing hardware dependency to magnetomer and max31855 nodes
c823fdf Contiki: Enable flow support
997483c io: use WORKER_THREAD symbol instead of PTHREAD
ab9bd39 modules/flower-power: make packet API more flexible
b7ed6c9 string-icu: Fix possible double-free
c8577ce sol-iio: Avoid unintented sign extension on shift operation
ff1e576 sol-iio: Initialise variables
d36eaa3 sol-iio: Resource leaking
ece20c7 Add a documentation note about the concurrency errors over SPI and UART
b8a9f4d I2C: Make API asynchronous
ae94820 I2C Linux: Improve sol_i2c_read_register_multiple()
e3cce66 I2C: Remove Linux implementation details from documentation
e28ac11 RIOT: Implement sol_i2c_read_register_multiple()
217beb8 build: add headers-m support
3a64819 iio: fix formatting of uint64_t.
afa429a test-mainloop-linux: fix build.
7730e0b Check if glibc have newer locale functions
57b6b02 Check style fix
134995d modules/flow/gtk: uses sol_glib_integration().
2b587bf mainloop: add sol-glib-integration.h
a84ddc0 dbus: use the generic mainloop event source.
a9e5800 mainloop: generic way to add an event source.
8828bfd libshared doesn't need glib anymore.
94981e7 flow-resolver-conffile: no need to include glib.h
a508baf Fix conf file options requirement.
da6d1d8 check-style: add option to replace files fixing coding style
1e3f606 Fix an error on ascii-only path.
eba2987 Separate string node implementations on own files.
bef9537 Now all string nodes are UTF-8-aware.
ab53eb3 Change sol_util_str_split()'s behavior WRT max_split argument.
dfe54e7 modules/flower-power: expose custom packet
3f7024e resolver: add more debug and warnings
c63851b fbp-generator: fix typo in data type name for direction-vector
0af59c0 node-types: IIO Gyroscope
2d8ea5e iio: Add Linux Industrial I/O support functions
db8b964 sol-util-linux: Expose sol_util_fill_buffer
17b8f09 sol-util-linux: Not hide errors on sol_util_vwrite_file
183281a flow: 'direction-vector' on options - missing include
85f9680 build: bring back -fsanitize=address|undefined flags
eb0fc42 modules/gtk: fix dependencies
ed9aa92 build: add soletta's specific help listing
a5e44f3 dep-resolver: remove python test code after completion
ee867c5 build: generate autodeps
3b0bbd5 License headers
870370d Contiki: Add missing comma
f45286e suite.py: show the failed tests output
88fc6be common: Rename 'platform name' to 'board name'
dd3e77d Fix Coverity-pointed mistake (typo).
a17dafa Document that fp numbers in FBPs must be in C locale form.
656390c modules/flower-power: Add module with 3 node types
9627932 Use RIOT's ng_net API to get interfaces information
5acb343 Fix gpio API to upstream RIOT changes
9e25041 Introduce sol_util_timespec_get_realtime()
5d104fc Implement sol_util_timespec_get_current() for RIOT
6ec937c Add missing definition of memmem()
d2dce8a Detect if we are building under RIOT-OS
d4ab45b Make features depend on what the OS supports
63b7134 Introducing feature set supported by OS
2938fb6 Use kbuild style makefiles instead of a bunch of ifs
3fed93d Remove COMMS config entry
44d8d9e Remove superfluous config entries
c1d5b0f Avoid re-definition of SOL_PLATFORM_LINUX
1c2a5f8 Don't build flow related stuff if flow is disabled
4d2a86f Remove redundant dependencies from flow modules
596dde9 Make sol-common-buildopts.h available to more users
75c9bb5 Move sol-socket to comms
e07add9 Remove unused variable
e19b2af sol-fbp-generator: fix segfault
cf45962 flow: Use sol_util_strtodn() instead of strtod().
78e6590 flow: Use sol_util_strtodn() to parse floating point options
1d111bc util: Calculate string length if negative length is passed to strtodn()
0c2af26 shared: Fix compiler warning if HAVE_STRTOD_L is not defined
3b57c40 freegeoip: Remove do { ... } while(0) in JSON_FIELD_TO_FLOW_PORT macro
df4028a flow/freegeoip: Use new JSON number parsing routines
a5f8b80 oicgen: Use new JSON number parsing routines
ac672db node: Fix spi_config initialization in max31855
2c65289 flow options: Fix null pointer dereference
5e4605f flow: Change quotation mark in freegeoip description
83c84ff samples: add more remaining samples to the buildsystem
630a2aa build: add conffile and json generation support to samples
4a5798f conffile: fix segfault on sol-fbp-generator
a2aefb2 samples: update grove-lcd samples to use array ports
c9918f0 samples: update c-api samples to comply with current API's
cda5677 sol-fbp-generator: add ERROR port support
d7bebdf platform: change node type to follow the module/type pattern
aa4e65d sol-util: implement overflow checks for mul/add operations
40f0459 Fix for sol-fbp-generator
bab5c07 sol-aio: Add C API to handle Analog I/O
855babb sol-pwm: Track device power state on RIOT
611d13f {float,int}-to-string conversion nodes now do formatting.
961292c Remove wrong accelerometer documentation that sneaked in.
2d2afbf Fix typo in my last work.
12b9675 flow: update simplectype to set options_size
379f6b2 flow: remove the new_options/del_options callbacks from node type
5107d4f flow: in static flow, only copy child opts when needed
5312860 flow: extract static flow data setup/teardown functions
f146a0e Added code for the Max31855 sensor
29a7a25 conffile: Guarantee that 'file_reader' won't leak
ba60ed3 simplectype: Fix missing 'va_end' in function...
20f1639 conffile: Check if 'asprintf' returned error
a397e3a dependency-resolver: produce stable output
aff1360 flow: Add freegeoip node type
4817349 flow: Add location (as in latitude/longitude) packet type
1f4286b flow: Add convenience functions to send a string from a slice
9d223ef str-slice: Ensure macro constructor parameters are parentized
53dbaec http-client: Allow empty parameters
13a1329 build: dep-resolver set HAVE_* symbols
0f3d441 generate-svg: show svg being generated
5a60ecf curl: fix formatting of curl_off_t on 32bits.
f70061d sol_platform_linux_fork_run users now call the new functions.
0e5c976 sol_platform_linux_fork_run: review and document.
e361d35 macros: add SOL_ATTR_NORETURN.
caf6242 test-mainloop-linux: fix usage of exit()
b9dc3ad json: add number parsing.
14a7c9f sol-util: fix size_t version and add uint64 mul/add.
61d873e flow: update error messages in unsupported API calls
24a13c7 flow: use named options in flow parser
ba60841 flow: add named options to replace array of strings usage
e25d8c8 flow: fix invalid cast in new_options
b72b69e test-fbp: don't use quotes for non-string options
dabee19 flow: remove unused merge options function
67d3271 suite.py: use a task queue
8110092 suite.py: remove duplicated valgrind path
4542497 suite.py: remove RUNNING message
b9c9a14 Inform the user about the expected encoding for fbp files.
3bc4668 string module: new uppercase/downcase nodes.
0e18fbe tools: dump output when fbp test fail
d04b7be Fix bug on test regarind usage of port array
3694e0e samples: fix fibonacci sample
8d2e8ae modules/switcher: convert hub node types into switchers
6663cff tools: teach calc-lib-size to disable LOG from the build
1778fff build: grove node type depends on aio
da9a466 flow: fix direction-vector option data-type
454dee3 build: add rule to check stub generator script
4a56778 test: move dummy to a tests directory
ed9c7ef schema: data types are different between options and ports
b9a5f84 modules/gtk: use type rgb instead of string on led
e2677ff Rewrite ~ from scratch for the conffile handling
2aab760 build: move samples compiled bin to build/stage/
9ea5686 build: bring back fbp sample
ca67f6c node-type: move log_init() implementation to -gen.c
8211649 fbp-generator: Make sure to #include required -gen.h
31efeca git-init-submodules: make sure to always complete
59f3de1 build: start migrating template proc to a generic infra
21de9bf Undocument missing.h.
aca3b23 pinmux: rename HAVE_PIN_MUX to USE_PIN_MUX
1339082 build: hardware/gpio configuration
b1f4c15 build: hardware/i2c configuration
4f3c026 build: hardware/uart configuration
f449687 build: hardware/spi configuration
c3e1109 build: hardware/pwm configuration
a57a367 Fix Coverity bugs CID128254 and CID128253.
1821a7f build: fix make install
9f8b7bd build: fail (return exit 1) if no required deps are found
38bee32 the newly introduced SOL_TYPE_CHECK() will fix the issue with void * being passed to the macros and they were causing an warning, while the casts could possible hide bugs with incorrect pointer types.
ed3af9e fix simplectype doc.
871f41c flow: introduce simplectype type creator.
b3fe03c test: fix warnings when using ASSERT_STR_EQ/NE
5e7d4c8 SPI: Make transfer asynchronous
51f1d68 Simplify calamari lever read
2ab5abe SPI: Update API to follow the same pattern as GPIO, PWM and UART
0530a84 SPI: Fix transfer on Linux
da66173 SPI: Remove sol_spi_raw_transfer()
efb5a51 One more round of indentation fixes.
3533bfd Revert "datatypes: Cast SOL_VECTOR_INIT() appropriately"
c4c9e58 comms: fix sol_network_unsubscribe_events()
4f7541b comms: fix leak in network shutdown
217f6f1 comms: minor style fix
d38ac6b build: install only current prefix
b0f5aab build: provide ldflags to dependency resolver
0402e53 comms: Fix build warning if HTTP client is disabled
fe6edd7 flow: Add Thingspeak node types
82d6362 comms: Add HTTP client infrastructure
f8bbc12 util: Add strstartswith() function
c887c70 sol-buffer: Allow appending slices to a buffer
936aa68 util: Add sol_util_size_mul() to ensure size_t multiplication doesn't overflow
87bdd42 common: Add missing SOL_ATTR_UNUSED to the not-GCC-at-least-4 case
75a18c9 datatypes: Cast SOL_VECTOR_INIT() appropriately
7abc555 build: rename kdbus to sol_bus
48ca455 build: add ldflags check
c2b42af build: variable and processing cleanup
79d33dd build: cleanup clean files list
67076b2 build: remove -fno-asynchronous-unwind-tables from Makefile.vars
9e940f5 build: add lm pre-dependency
4836058 build: change the dladdr to consider previous tests
6297c17 build: add ldl pre-dependency
19a7522 dep-resolver: fix flags order on compile_test()
2faa864 UART: Improve sample
368d29b UART: Remove transmission queue
b49d334 UART: Simplify API
e898eba Fix build of piezo speaker node when Posix thread support is disable
15e3685 test: silence an unused function warning after new build flags got in.
027ce3d flow: Fix possible leak in resolver-conffile
3a3f791 flow: Remove GHashTable usage from resolver-conffile
79156df lsm303: Fix switch clause on accelerometer/lsm303
8c87bd7 mainloop: fix 'defined but not used' while building without flow support
35ff1a2 tools: add option to set config file to check style
c637226 accelerometer: adxl45 stylings fixes
8f007e0 accelerometer: Using different files for different devices
af58694 compass: A magnetometer-accelerometer input based compass
374fa85 magnetometer: LSM303DLHC magnetometer
8d000d7 accelerometer: LSM303DLHC accelerometer
32e85ac js: fix dereference before null check
cf73c5d js: add attendee, telegram and mycounter samples
3280cdd test-fbp: add fbp test for js node
09cb3d3 test: add API test for js node
5bf122f js: add a way to create node types using JS
f4ecaaf coverage: remove thirdparty directory from coverage
89224f5 thirdparty: add duktape v1.2.2
765e8e0 Contiki: Compile with the Contiki implementation of sol_util_timespec_get_current()
9a8fff6 Do not try implement accept4 for OS that don't even have sys/socket.h
cb0d79c Runner: Simplify initialization
de5d8f8 tools: add GPLv2 license file for kconfig
0eecc1e doc: add MIT license file for jQuery
1cd044c Conffile: Yet another file_reader leak
d7e072a Conffile: Avoid to leak file_reader structure
f712ce3 build: Add support for setting the pkg-config to use
fe521a8 conffile: Fix null pointer dereference
3967e80 node type: Fix false warning about variable usage
96b65f9 util: Remove 'unused label' warning
adfd408 conffile: Fix memory leak
b85be3a doc: generate and show thumbnails on node types doc
1de0b21 docs: show examples on node types doc
40f67dd Fix Style
1c068ea conffile: Initialize sol_str_slice
155c594 samples/flow: fix API so they compile and run.
1829878 build: doc targets
0904f18 Add test to make sure json config works
7310e7c Remove old conf files
2d93bb0 Documentation: Refeer to json instead of conf
055eb1a Convert conf-files to json
6fbbe7b Use json-based config instead of glib-config
93aaeb9 Config schema for json-based config
db30d35 build: .in files should be regenerated after a .config change
0454d5c gen-svg: copy fbp files with svg without license headers.
738c6b5 gen-svg: fix checks for tests with errors
dc3b9df doc: add new version of node types docs
cb95099 dependency-resolver: Add verbose option.
77e492a Use name from packet type pointer
5d6cb2d Get rid of EBADR
427f47f i2c: Fix build when i2c-dev.h is provided by i2c-tools
22d3d54 flow: Don't leak if we fail to create the timeout
9a745a7 flow: Delete delayed send timeout if init failed
ccae921 shared: Fix resolving the root dir for repeating prefixes
f1e1176 shared: Use dladdr() when finding the rootdir of the project
840d4d9 dependencies: Add a check for dladdr()
72f1302 Fix check-style errors
f1b883a build: generate svg on cheat-sheet rule
9847625 build: check for required dependencies
df35566 build: split internal tests
4550f84 JSON: Add $schema property to all genspec files
da4e2a1 docs: Remove reference to old configure option
c5b62ac mainloop-common: make common init/shutdown call platform ones
840f58b Removed unused variable.
964252b build: Remove unnecessary flags when compiling tests
00ec3b1 Port Contiki GPIO
99449c9 Initial port of Contiki
6491429 Remove mainloop stub implementations of Small Os
05d921c Small Os build fix: Only compile sol-platform-detect on Linux
4ac09fa coverage: fix 'make coverage'
8f82277 tests: fix warnings on two fbp tests
1e9205a tools: support regular expression on run-fbp-tests
8942295 builder: Fix memory leak
4defdec led-strip: LPD8806 LED strip node
4dc76a7 worker-threads: move header and install if appropriate
679daa7 tools: put the expected result inside the FBP test
cd5c044 tools: teach run-fbp-tests about TEST-SKIP
5131ccb tools: teach run-fbp-tests about TEST-EXPECTS-ERROR
6c7057d tools: ignore duplicates in run-fbp-tests
54f72c1 build: Fix unrecognized arguments on dependency-resolver
05e2a4f Fix unused variable warning
c4fa99f Add 'samples' target
8629f9d build: don't install sol-missing.h header
51792ff docs: add links, quotes and small fixes to README
3c40a11 docs: Split datatypes and comms docs in subgroups
a8160e9 docs: add toc to readme
99da59e docs: Update Readme regarding comms libs
19ecbd0 test-fbp: use new Python runner and remove the old one
dedcbaa tools: add Python version of src/test-fbp/run
04e070c flow: type created with builder is now independent
7eea960 flow: reorganize data inside the builder
d65b34d flow: reduce coupling to arena/description location
6385a9a datatypes: add sol_vector_take_data() and ptr variant
a2e812d flow: add hook for dispose in static flow
e356338 generator: Fix not adding the API version to node specs
2e0ccd8 shared: Fix missing includes
2b69b7d flow-builder: Fix missing includes
dbc1b08 generator: Fix missing includes
c7a3196 build: Fix compiling with musl-gcc
aea2b28 fbp-generator: enable the generation of subflows
bf259d3 grove: fix declaration warning
8dfc783 fbp-generator: fix some warnings
b19f4d1 build: install libsoletta.*-gdb.py in the proper dir
31958cf build: templates
8755cbf build: move path/installation definitions to dep resolver
392a2b6 build: introduce a cache configuration file
2d9d5ad remove unused var.
811b592 build: make compiler quiet about -Wsign-compare
bc06aa9 build: make compiler quiet about -Wdeclaration-after-statement
4185c60 build: test and bin extra-cflags and extra-ldflags are being discarded
70327fa build: sol-missing.h should test !HAVE_DECL_STRNDUPA as ifdef
9ebdb00 build: sol-missing.h should test !HAVE_DECL_IFLA_INET6_ADDR_GEN_MODE as ifdef
863f585 build: add cflag checks to pre-dependencies checks
2f2b781 dep-resolver: introduce pre-dependencies checks
214cf40 dep-resolver: introduce a CFLAGS variable to dep-resolver
36c3289 dep-resolver: better data structuring
d93595f build: migrate all the header installation from Makefile.vars
6910592 build: introduce header-* support
46ea270 platform-detect: Sanitize platform name
a6e5340 flow: provide a generic function for deleting node types
2576675 platform detection: Add JSON Schema
3e6c550 platform name: Search rule's file in PKGSYSCONFDIR
8989705 flow: Fix bad initialization in resolver-conffile
36382cc build: Add dependence on NETWORK to SOCKET_LINUX
97253a3 tools: change --color option for check-style.py
0836aee check: allow disabling colors
5ee9bd2 fix: modules with wrong url links
43975fa fbp-generator: start handling directories on JSON arguments
1ebc107 flow: remove dead code
5049528 worker-threads: fix testing/setting of worker thread running
1d3381b worker-threads: change and version API
43bd54b Update samples
e138c66 Change Int type to use array ports
3162d99 Change Float type to use array ports
4bb0d2b shared-linux: Use SOL_ATTR_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT in all functions
e311367 shared: Ensure buffer returned by readlink() is NUL-terminated
b3281a0 fbp-generator: fix minor style issues
2e42af3 fbp-generator: update to use static flow spec
8c715bd flow: use a struct to pass all the static flow arguments
86069ea flow: split static flow in its own header file
f20e5a9 runner: Don't use LOG if sol_init() fails
1f8d99b build: Fix the build of external modules
5d2eab7 Use sol_util_fd_set_flag() to check fcntl() return
0bf4adc util: Add function to set a fd's flag
627a606 util: Separate which is platform dependent
ff7e27b build: Fix flow nodes dependencies
c9e5dbf flow: use SOL_STR_SLICE_PRINT()
390f3f5 fbp-to-dot: remove SLICE_PRINT() and use SOL_STR_SLICE_PRINT() instead
8ab7ff6 coap: avoid invalid pointers on memcpy and check realloc return
0db25d3 lib/comms: Expose C API to deal with network, coap and oic
f4d9820 coap: add functions to make it possible to implement oic without coap.h
f4886c3 coap: fix dereferencing null pointers on sol_oic_client
24a8df6 oic: don't expose sol_oic_server_information
fabf42e coap: fix context vector alloc
405aff6 coap: remove unnecessary var on packet_new()
810ba8c build: Fix buildopts platform detection
87f9315 These files are not used anymore
d0b15a3 fbp-generator: add support for DECLARE statements
7c61e4e fbp-generator: add type_store_add_type() to type store
0761ca0 fbp-generator: fix last port index calculation
9fed96a fbp-generator: use SOL_STR_SLICE_PRINT()
bd5ac00 fbp-generator: fix printf arg type mismatch on error message
a74bc5e sol-pin-mux: Add Intel Edison mux description
99813bb tools: fix exit code in check-style.py
a26ec59 tools: exit with different code when check-style fails
5d30bb1 build: Fix the build without flow
f0258d0 build:tests: Fix dependencies
daf652d build: fbp-parser depends of flow not conffile
f45c176 build:resolver: Use the builtin if conffile is disabled
021ecdf build: Fix dependencies of node description
c232946 build:runner: Fix the runner build
769c8e5 build:test: Fix dependency
f63d22a fbp-generator: remove useless old file removal
16a4ed4 doc: Hookup every exported header into groups and change main page
7edabd1 doc: Fix bad doxygen syntax
86bd1da doc: Bootstrap doxygen infra
42a9673 gpio-common: Make sol_gpio_open fail when config is NULL
6c1ef75 fbp-to-dot: Abort if sol_init fails
93c1656 Add missing headers on sol-log-impl-riot.c
28672dd Add missing files when building to RIOT
e7d0147 fbp-generator: write to a temporary file until the generation ends
aa4895f parser: use sol_util_strerrora() instead of strerror()
719a6f3 flow: use sol_util_strerrora() instead of sol_util_strerror()
24b9bf0 code style: fix an old demand of indenting continuation lines poperly
8333c61 build: fix oic generator race condition
11f71d9 build: Reduce eh_frame section size
ca0bae4 Add ldflags to ccode dependency check
efaf18b lib/io: set gpio and pwm config api version on usage
0da9950 Fix builds without log.
fa06b9f pin-mux: Change 'declare' macro to be C++ friendly
8240e4c pin-mux: Rename sol-pin-mux-impl.h
3a2e12e remove space between -D and macro name.
c9333e6 rename micro-linux to linux-micro for consistency.
8d5c4d8 Massive docummentation and review of Kconfig.
75d22cb Kconfig: tools do not depend on inspector.
fd72532 samples: Fix grove-temperature-sensor
b8f7710 samples: Fix tickets_queue.fbp
02ccae7 Fix foosball.fbp after changes in boolean nodes
b710c9a builtins.json: we should generate it on build
618975e build: bring back the cheat-sheet target
732ea21 build: don't install descriptions/builtins.json if no mod built
15a06da build: -gen.c should be generated inside build_stagedir
3b3ec16 lib/io: only include mux header if mux is enabled
4b8dc99 kbuild: sol-pin-mux-impl.h must be installed
8696b8a build: lib shared should never be disabled
09e7bed build: fix sol_flow_node_type_description_enabled flag on opt
bd94407 mainloop-riot: use common mainloop code
995bf0f mainloop: create common so POSIX and small OSes can share code
32f3154 sol-flow-builder: Add a check for port description
2f1c5c2 Change String type to use array ports
e131952 Change Byte types AND, OR and XOR to use array ports
8beaa37 Change Boolean types AND, OR and XOR to use array ports
4d29fe8 modules: initialize the data for packets sent by generators
2e0c9fc Make check-valgrind work again
761cbea lib/io: expose API to handle hardware
b3428c3 kbuild: fix libs makefile lists coding style
2de4ce9 lib/parsers: expose json parser
ed41340 lib: use include per lib
d86b9f9 lib/datatypes: Expose soletta datatypes
19a5c92 common: add missing header on log-impl-linux
15cfb08 kbuild: fix missing -ldl
57a6c1c Fix invalid read reported by valgrind
c2d3dd1 Fix some array initializations.
0d936ae kbuild: pass user cflags to module and main lib linkage commands
30d6190 Introduce HAVE_SYS_AUXV_H if-guard, for systems with no sys/auxv.h.
56aa948 build: fix a typo on soletta.pc generation
cc8813e Provide simulation nodes
a4460a7 build: Fix defined used to build Pin Mux modules
617a773 tests: Add exported options to the declare test
648b1c0 flow-parser: Support exporting sub-node options
6a9fc9d flow-parser: Delete builders from the top
4d8e9de fbp-parser: Add support for OPTION keyword
0a1d310 builder: Support exporting a sub-node's option
417bc2a flow: Add type data pointer to the node-type
50cf9b5 log: Fix exposing internal header for external users of node gen script
b70cbfe Make parameters names clearer for API
3cf479a Remove unused code
f267e8e generator: Add support for array ports to the fbp2C generator
9546073 gen: Add array port information to the generated description files
a7f917e parser: Fix parsing of array ports in OUTPORT and INPORT statements
d9470b1 build: check-fbp output should show newlines
05f7fd2 kbuild: install buildopts generated headers
ca032af lib: move installed headers to src/lib/include
345881c lib: drop sol-flow-node-types header
b1aadd0 build: make sure we include all objects for static lib
d7b0224 i2c: Change ioctl error check
ba393c3 i2c: Close dev on ioctl error
229f973 build: Add Log level help text
04de643 sol-pin-mux: Add Intel Galileo Gen1 description
b254494 sol-pin-mux: Documentation typo
67ed9fe Now that error codes are fixed, expect the correct one on the tests
9f74765 Check and test the return value of func-call
aa897c9 build: fix rpath cleanup on install and dependency chain
a80ba80 type-store: add field checks while reading types from JSON
d74314d build: Move 'Inspector' to Core Library and ...
7644a44 build: Remove PLATFORM_GALILEO config
ac8b191 build: Fix Flow features inner dependencies
b73f5a6 build: Move 'Node Type' menu inside 'Core Library'
f10452a build: Add 'Flow' dependence to ...
00b4e6a build: Change 'Linux Micro' to menuconfig
0fc6fac build: Restore Pin Multiplexer build
c419611 build: Move Pin Multiplexer menu to Core Library
6c15ac5 build: Remove duplicated argument from rule
71c0c10 sol-util: Make get_progname fail when execfn is NULL
0777648 The TEST_BUFFER rule had the wrong argument
c737f45 build: Fix looking for the default schema file in the wrong path
7725326 build: Fix installing with the wrong prefix
c68eba7 fbp-generator: accept strings like "INT32_MIN" for int/float default values
0c45273 build: flow-resolver should set its own cflags/ldflags
0f5c625 build: get rid of USE_* configs
af40667 build: dep resolver, split rules and check imp + ldflags
0ed695c pthread: fix building with or without pthread support
b2d5828 Add the json test to the buildsystem
a1599c5 Add test for the json parser
40d9472 test: add tests for hub of blobs and errors
d4d3ce3 test: add tests for converter/error node type
1b6df9f flow: fix error packets initialization
593e25a test: add test for converter/string-to-blob
5998cef modules/test: add option to blob-validator
697c761 kbuild: fix check-fbp rule
f1aec94 Change APIs signatures
488fa5d Fix pointer arithmetic error
4359813 log: Fix extern log domain variable names so they don't clash
47f2b25 minnow-calamari: Rewrite README, remove misleading files
19e826a calamari: Move check out of the ifdef
4fd3b63 tools: Update calc-lib-size
4d70372 tests: decrease running time of POSIX mainloop thread support test
2d39b63 tests: run thread tests only with POSIX mainloop
3f95a2b build: dependency resolver shouldn't know about soletta's cflags
bfae2a9 build: remove unneeded dependency checks
7257560 thread: Fix code style
28137a3 flow:converter: Add string to blob
1aa52ea samples: add example of ticket queues
3e677dd build: make sure all the compilation uses the same -std flag
31a748b piezo-speaker: Fix null-pointer dereference
d5fab17 log: Fix comparation between array and NULL
0e485ba worker-threads: move to common and organize different implementations
6904e3a float: fpclassify wrapper node
9110b30 kconfig: use SOL_PLATFORM_LINUX to check if it's linux
30f4ade build: remove 1 left m4 file
ec6c506 build: fix mod-so rule dependency
408e85b build: fix issue with systemd-journal dependent code
e6e17e4 build: bring back auto include sol_config.h
da5f77f kconfig: sort platform options and select dummy as default
6eaed34 Fix signature of sd-bus functions now that it's officially supported
7a9986c generate-svg: Check if sol-fbp-to-dot is available
ab8c00e tools: Remove checks for autogen.sh
d556d82 kbuild: sol-bus.c also depends on glib
2c72742 kbuild: use the proper variable to indicate linux super set
17022a2 kbuild: the extra-cflags should be appended instead of reset
a333616 kbuild: resolver conffile must select use_glib
78569ee kbuild: fix issue with ubuntu 14.04
ce83868 kconfig
4883170 kconfig: import kconfig
9b84e25 pin-mux: guess install root dir
baea856 util/resolver-conffile: guess install root dir
e413190 sol-flow-node-type-gen.py: don't consider full path
48dd605 If no priv data exists for a node, don't pass a valid data ptr to it.
4f4fad4 Container nodes: Avoid issues when options are missing
a543b31 wallclock: Removed useless comparison
0acd40a shared: Avoid signed extension on multiplication
ddf4a61 flow: Use 'break' instead of 'continue' when breaking loops
0d9c94b log: embed log domain inits on node generation scripts
550b9ce piezo-speaker: Fix wrong ptr checks on the tune string.
f396236 piezo-speaker: Remove useless (and wrong) pwm period set call
017a8db lcd: Fix missing init code for lcd-string node.
18bcf49 check-style: Fix env call
e828e6b Fix array port export
22cf595 network: Fix build with kernels older than 3.16
1186118 modules:gtk: Avoid to lose information
d0f83b0 sol-flow-builder: Fix wrong pointer arithmetic.
45803f3 check-style: a reincarnation of check-style script
6bdea82 Fix warning about returning a value in a void function
e7e861d grove: Move lcd-grove into grove
a19f05a grove: Change examples to use new nodes
3be4bde grove: Node for rotary sensor
aaa1534 grove: Node for light sensor
21f761e grove: Node for temperature sensor
4ff1bd0 fbp-generator: fix direction vector default value parsing in type store
348c3ce Add accelerometer and gyroscope nodes.
1e8c44b Add new packet type: direction-vector
7d7bd1c i2c: add plain-i2c fallbacks to read/write register calls and document the module.
793654c fbp-generator: fix range and rgb default value parsing in type store
401ba33 oic:client: Fix wrong comparation
aeb0b75 oic: Remove possible double-free
3468ef8 flow: Remove unused code
0f0f367 sol-flow-node-type-gen.py: Remove internal nodes from description json
26bb24a sol-fbp-generator: Fix return in startup function
7cd9d31 modules/converter: Add converter from empty to rgb
989339b Fix the node type generator to follow the code style
16b1a01 flow: add a way to fill builder type description
be0027f builder: start using sol-arena
7ec4c30 Make check-license.sh accept > 1 commits to check.
6a7289a Namespace unix-socket node URLs properly.
d5fdb97 i2c: make use of sol_util_strerrora() on errno for ioctl error logs
eeb1e4f Code style fix
e7bc7f3 process:sample: Basic subprocess example using bc
93b9c63 flow:process: subprocess node
e837b56 flow:process: stdout/stderr implementation
9a3eb92 util:test: Add test to str_split
93aa957 util: Add function to split string
36bb90f flow: add process/stdin node type.
d0bc8a5 sol-blob: Add a default blob type
651a035 console: print blob.
91975f1 platform-linux: move fork_run to linux-common.
a7fa72a check-style: Only check .c and .h files
9d4a080 fbp-tests: fix expected error messages after a fix on error message
2007322 fbp-parser: Add missing parenthesis to error msg
f33dec8 flow: Fix style
dce719a flow: Fix export port index
77870da Fix build dependencies when running 'make -j check-fbp' directly
dd94381 minnow-calamari: Make lever sample work again
2e3e2a4 samples: fix duplicate declaration of lever fbp var
d26f9c4 Pkgconfig: Set the correct nodeschemapath.
62e1a84 fbp-generator: add support for exported in/out ports
d2dd1f3 flow: Fix export port
2079c79 riot: missing gpio migration
ff92553 [TRIVIAL]riot: fix attribution mistake on sol-mainloop-impl-riot.c
819eecc use riotos/sched instead of ginclude
f079ad2 sol-i2c: Add support to pin multiplexer
83e1601 sol-pwm: Add support to pin multiplexer
82f1d57 sol-gpio: Add support to pin multiplexer
0b61047 sol-pin-mux: Setup mux during initialization
832f32d stub-gen: add modules/dummy to test it
62e5bca modules-mk-gen: Check for .json or .c files
1407ab4 stub-gen: add option --force
a9bf555 stub-gen: support custom packet types
2329b6e calamari: Some cosmetic changes
a642b3e minnow-calamari: Update samples and conf file
668d7b8 calamari: Get rid of hardcoded GPIO pins
9697fab fbp-generator: fix kw warning
22e69c9 Merge pull request #38 from lucasdemarchi/tip/demarchi/readme-v2
f182bd4 test: ignore file generated by test
55cf2c9 README: add badge for CI build
b0b2a5f README: move build status to top
2dcff1e fbp-generator: properly handle rgb types
fd97be0 fbp-generator: use sol_json macros to simplify code
5fde995 flow: properly parse rgb options if declared per key
d4a87ba flow: Convert some node types to use array ports
a3f42ac Add paser-error tests for the array port syntax
4998c2f flow: Add array ports
139c233 node-gen: Allow array notation when defining ports
eb62baf fbp-parser: Understand array port syntax
d5ba37a Adding section on Contributing to the README.
29523e3 oicgen: Declare boilerplate functions with SOL_ATTR_USED
7a30211 common: Add SOL_ATTR_USED
638810f Test the int/constrain node
c42591a Verify if the step is within range for calculation
40f0287 Do not generate irange with step = 0
3b8f578 Test for int/buffer TIMEOUT
d77e3e8 oicgen: Do not try to decode the same value twice
4821dac oicgen: Use sol_str_table for enum fields
e40604c oicgen: Remove large vertical spaces from generated code
f887a26 Test file/reader
da2405b Add a new node to validate blobs
84722cb Create a test for file/writer
6499ba2 Add parameter for file permissions in file write
c19fba2 fbp-generator: handle options string values between quotation marks
2455650 flow: fix some error messages while using sol-fbp-runner
3afb169 Add coverity badge to README
7248d11 flow: Remove unused attribution
4f5caf3 network:linux: Fix netlink attr sizes
318cd7f merge-builtins: raise error and substitute "_" per "-" on names
0dd2be6 modules/filter-repeated: create node types to filter repeated packets
3961ba0 modules: remove checks to avoid repeated values
324d82b flow: Drop REPLACE_PACKET output port flag
86a2d71 flow: modify how it deals with initial packets
7fd32e5 flow: Set all nodes pointers before calling their methods
b05d778 modules/int: Rewrite min / max node types
6ee5573 modules/float: Check if received packets on both ports on min / max
cece996 flow: early init on delayed packets list
9b6c39e test: Remove duplicated irange tests
3f5cffa sol-pin-mux: Add Intel Galileo Gen2 description
ff2ac59 sol-pin-mux: Add pin multiplexer capabilities
d9f2392 sol-galileo: Remove old galileo node
8f71f27 Add test for natural logarithm
6efd971 sol-flow-node-type-gen.py now generates the JSON definitions.
c1c415f there is no point to have options without members.
30de148 sol-flow-node-type-gen.py: fix propagation of 'meta' to node types.
e033b60 sol-flow-node-type-gen.py is full of help and uses default schema.
410d2bf configure: Minor indentation fix
5cce090 modules/hub: Add hub node types family
beb8815 stub-gen: support types rgb and blob
2b0a21a Add markdown README
936ff84 Soletta project initial commit
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